10 hottest female figure skaters


We have been speaking a lot about football and baseball recently, that people almost didn’t remember concerning the youthful beautiful and gifted female sports athletes that pleasure our eyes and hearts constantly. So since summer’s gone, let us think ahead making a top of the very gorgeous figure skaters that the earth has laid it’s eyes upon. A little premature, but you’ll relish it without a doubt!

10. Isabelle Pieman

The gorgeous and gifted 27 years old figure skater may be the 2007 and 2009 Belgian national champion. Still, we can not find any interesting details about her. Not really on her behalf official site. I suppose she likes privacy a lot more than she likes the spotlights. Anyway, here’s some good pictures of her while doing what she knows best.

09. Irina Movchan

If you are not believing that figure skating may be worth watching, we’ll let it rest as much as this adorable and skilled 20 years old Ukrainian to make you happy. The flexible Irina Movchan may be the 2008 Ukrainian national champion and 2007 and 2010 silver medalist. And she’s the very first on our list with a awesome dirty pillows &hellip back in your own home &hellip you decide to go girl!

08. Sasha Cohen

Sometimes known on her difficult and inventive spin positions &ndash some already trademarked because the Sasha Spin &ndash Alexandra Pauline Sasha Cohen may be the proud who owns a silver medal in the 2006 Olympic games. Since that, she’s made an appearance on various tv shows for example Vegas, Project Runway, and CSI:NY too. Regrettably she’s been from competition during the last few years however the figure skating world continues to be eagerly waiting for her return.

07. Maria Mukhortova

Maria Vladimirovna Mukhortova is really a Russian pair skater presently teamed with J&eacuter&ocircme Blanchard. She’d formerly taken part with Maxim Trankov. These were the 2008 European silver medalists and 2007 Russian National Champions. In her own early career she also skated with Egor Golovkin and Pavel Lebedev. By Feb 2010, Mukhortova and Trankov were rated fifth on the planet through the Worldwide Skating Union.
She has been skating sine she was just 6 years of age.

06. Tanith Belbin

The twenty-five year old Canadian ice dancer is known for her amazing ice dance abilities and game titles won together with her partner Benjamin Agosto: she’s the 2006 Olympic silver medalist, four time World medalist, three time Four Continents champion in 2004&ndash2006 and five time U.S. champion in 2004&ndash2008. Additionally, this season these were rated fourth on the planet through the Worldwide Skating Union plus they were also nominated to represent the U . s . States in the 2010 U . s . States Figure Skating Titles.

05. Tatiana Volosozhar

Hot 24 years old Tatiana Volosozhar is really a Russian-Ukrainian pair skater who taken part for Ukraine with Petr Kharchenko from 2000-2004 with Stanislav Morozov from 2004-2010, and beginning with 2011 she’ll contend with Maxim Trankov for Russia.
She would be a four-time Ukrainian national champion when she taken part with Stanislav Morozov and handle up to fourth in the World Titles. And she gets all she must be within our top list!

04. Kiira Korpi

Among the most popular sports athletes to compete in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Korpi is sort of a breath of outdoors in the realm of sports. The 22 years old amazingly beautiful and gifted figure skater is rated #11 on the planet and will also be competing within the 2010 Winter Olympic games in Vancouver. She’s even the 2007 European bronze medalist and also the 2009 Finnish National Champion.

03. Katarina Witt

This excellent lady defined eighties skating. She is probably not in her own 20&primes any longer, but she’s certainly worth mentioning. She’s class, confidence, guts, and elegance. She won two Olympic gold medals for East Germany, first within the 1984 Sarajevo Olympic games and also the second in 1988 in the Calgary Olympic games. She won the planet Titles back in 1984, 1985, 1987, and 1988, and six consecutive European Titles in 1983&ndash1988. Her competitive record makes her probably the most effective figure skaters ever.

02. Elene Gedevanishvili

20 years old figure skater Elene Gedevanishvili may be the 2010 European bronze medalist thus becoming the very first skater from Georgia to win a medal in an Worldwide Skating Union Titles. This season she was rated thirteenth on the planet through the ISU. The 2014 Games will practically maintain her backyard, so we’ll hopefully see much more of her.

A really mentionable factor relating to this smoking hot gifted girl is always that even she keeps her coolness not just on ice, but within the water too: she likes the surf! And thankfully we’ve not a problem with this! She really breaks the stereotype of flat-chested figure skaters. Oh goodie!

01. Anna Semenovich

And speaking concerning the flat-chested figure skaters stereotype, here’s one which certainly breaks the guidelines. We managed to save the very best for last. Also!
Smoking hot thirty year old former figure skater &ndash she obtained two Finlandia Trophies and rivaling Kostomarov, these were the 2000 Russian bronze medalists &ndash aspirant singer but full-time hottie, Anna Semenovich is certainly worth our number 1! She upon the market from competition in 2001 because of injuries and centered on developing a career from her awesome assets. Well as lengthy weight loss shots like that one emerge from it, I do not hear anybody worrying about her options!

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