AC Milan vs. Inter Milan: Footballs Greatest Rivalries


Rivalries in world football are all special. Some are bigger than others though and those are the games on display in this slideshow.

Whether it’s on the international or club level, football has its share of games that get every fan excited. These rivalries are important for a variety of reasons and certainly have the blood boiling for those involved.

AC Milan vs Inter Milan

The Milan football club split around the beginning of the 20th Century into two different clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan, due to some tension between the board members regarding signing foreign players. Since then, no love has been lost between them, and their matches just keep on getting fiercer and fiercer. Both the clubs are easily the most successful Italian clubs recently (no offense Juventus fans), and one may even rate Milan as the most successful footballing city in Europe (Milan has won 7 European championships, Inter has won 3, the only city rivaling them might be Madrid), making the fans all the more football crazy and sharing a stadium means more fans reaching the stadium to cheer them on. The ‘Derby della Madonnina’ is one clash to watch out for!

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