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If you’ve been myths that lifting weights is not the very best factor for basketball players since it can slow you lower along with other misconceptions. The correct answer is contrary, you’re thinking that without lifting weights such basketball players like Shaq, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade or Lebron can do inside the level they’re? They spend offseason throughout exercising session and have just one considered to them &ndash to enhance and obtain new levels.
Weigh lifting for basketball will help you in a number of ways, you’ll jump greater and perhaps dunk a container ball (if you are not now), you’ll be able to push your assailant inside the perimeter. If you are in insufficient height then being more efficient you’ll have the ability to cope with taller rivals (eg. Glen Davis versus. Shaq). So as we discussed lifting weights has lots of benefits for your the sport of basketball. Clearly you should not train like Olympic weigh bodybuilders, you’ll need special lifting weights program for basketball.

basketball players real height weight Basketball players real height weight

Michael Olowokandi 6’11.75″
Mike Bibby 6’1″
Antawn Jamison 6’7.75″
Vince Carter 6’5.5″
Ray Hughes 6’4.5″
Paul Pierce 6’6″
Matt Harpring 6’6.5″
Rashard Lewis 6’8.5″
Kaira Burns 6’11″
Shaquille O’Neal 7’1″
Robert Horry 6’8″
Latrell Sprewell 6’4.5″
Alonzo Mourning 6’9.5″
KObe is 6 ft 4
Lebron is 6 ft 8
Carmelo – 6 ft 6 1/2
Dwayne Wade- 6 ft 3 3/4
Shaq- 7 ft
Tim Duncan- 6 ft 10

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