Best 5 NHL Video Game Intros of All Time


It appears that just about every true hockey fan loves playing the video games which come out of the NHL. May it be NHL 91 on Sega Genesis or even the new award-winning games like NHL 12.

I understand lots of people like myself also provide great reminiscences of playing these games for hrs against a buddy or brother and which makes it appear like all game was really for that Stanley Cup.

Here are the most useful NHL video game intros.

5. NHL 1999

NHL 99 wasn’t always the very best hockey game ever, however it was very entertaining to experience like a nine-year-old. The intro begins by helping cover their David Bowie and the song “Heroes,” after which cuts into some kind of frantic guitar for whatever reason. Nonetheless, an excellent game.

4. NHL 2001

NHL 2001 is personally certainly one of my personal favorite hockey games ever. It is because you can skate 50 mph and skyrocket to 120 mph. Also, the intro is sick.

The song is “Heavy” by Collective Soul and would be a right diamond necklace for that game in older days. Also, Ray Murphy seems on two teams

3. NHL Championship 2000

This game was amazing, and required up about 50 % of my existence after i was ten years old. The intro will get you pumped as much as play a video game with a few of the worst graphics you’ll ever see.

The song within the intro may be the old FOX theme song, and it is still employed for teams which have Fox Sports his or her tv stations.

2. NHL 2006

By watching the intro for this game, what you know already anything could be possible which this is probably the most realistic sports game ever. That’s, before you really performed the game.

Everything that’s within the intro is out of the question within the game. It had been still an enjoyable game to experience, since you could only use the turbo round the defenseman each time to attain.

1. NHL 2k

This really is most likely a long intro to some sports game within the good reputation for video games. It’s also most likely the right one ever. This game was unbelievably fun to experience like a kid and each time I performed it, I needed to watch the intro.

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