Best Sports Fan: America’s Best Sports Fans


What’s the essence of the sports fan? Richard Gilman, a literary and theater critic who died in 2006, came as near to anybody in determining it: &ldquoBeing a sports fan is really a complex matter, simply irrational although not not worthy, a respite from the importance from the real life, using its neverending demands and frequently grave obligations.&rdquo

Many people take fandom towards the extreme. They attend games, they’re buying apparel, they live and die with every pitch, pass or shot. English soccer fans might be probably the most well known on the planet, going with their teams, singing towards the top of their lung area and often leading to mayhem around the roads. But American sports fans are making up ground, illuminating Internet fan sites, traveling huge distances to determine games as well as brawling in the ballpark.

Just consider the fans from coast to coast who follow every pitch of the beloved Boston Red Sox. They pack Fenway once the team is within town, and fill other arenas when they are on the highway. They remained true throughout a legendary dry spell, once the Sox went 86 years without winning a global Series–so when they finally broke that drought in 2004, they increased much more fanatic. Today, they isn’t any. 2 in MLB merchandise sales (behind their hated rivals, the New York Yankees). And people of “Red Sox Nation” are extremely devoted, they top our listing of “America’s Best Sports Fans.”