Best Top 10 Greatest Players In Miami Hurricanes History


Miami is great at creating incredible gamers. If you want to Miami, you’re instantly guaranteed a place within the NFL. That’s why I’m counting lower the very best 10 finest gamers in Miami Severe weather history. Stay updated!

10:Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor was on from the finest safties ever. I’m deeply sorry because of not putting him greater, and that i know I’ll recieve critisizm. Taylor were built with a monster year in 2003, with 10 INT’s, 77 takes up along with a eleventh hour 67 yard INT touchdown against BC. He’s loved through the Miami Severe weather coummunity and he’ll be deeply skipped.

9: Bennie Rotor blades

Bennie Blades would be a real competitor. At College of Miami, Rotor blades won the Thorpe Award and shares the NCAA INT record with Sean Taylor. Rotor blades been with them all, speed, strength and toughness. Also, he had obvious violence ability. People can call him up a punk, a noisy mouth along with a bully. I call him up among the finest safties ever.

8: Russel Maryland

Maryland was probably the most intense and devoted gamers attending college football, specifically for a defensive tackle. He’d leap around the running back and produce him lower using the vitality of Lambert. In 1991, he registered 96 takes up, 10 1/2 sacks, a Outland Trophy and was selected because the first pick from the NFL Draft.

7: Erectile dysfunction Reed

Ah Ed Reed. Among the NFL’s finest ballhawks. In 2001, he’d 9 INT’s, 4 for touchdowns. Despite he intercepted a ball, he behaved just like a reciever. Now letting one living factor even touch him. He might have been a reciever, but rather he’s one heck of the saftey.

6: Edgerrin James

Edgerrin James was simply breaking records everywhere. To begin with, there is probably the most 100 yards hurrying games. Edge blew that record from the water. Then there is the record of getting 2 1,000 yard seasons. Edge hit just like a linebacker and may catch, hurry, hit, block as well as pass in certain wildcat situations. He jogs my memory of the Transformer.

5: ).T Williams

He’s with no doubt probably the most underrated player within the NFL ever. In 2002-2003, as he would be a junior at Miami, he recorded a Derrick Brooks like 108 takes up, notched 4 sacks, forced 2 fumbles and split up 2 passes. He is able to blitz, tackle and split up the pass. He jogs my memory of Ray Lewis. It’s an absolute outrage that nobody even knows who he’s! AN

4: Warren Sapp

QB KILLAH!!!!! The infamous Miami Hurricane defensive tackle had a lot of honours, they could not easily fit in his room! He won the Lombardi Award, the Nagurski Award, the Outland Trophy, the balance Willis Award and also the Large East opponent of the season award. Say no to!!! He fought against blockers as an animal along with a monster around the football area.

3: Jonathan Vilma

Among the finest collegiate linebackers to ever play the overall game for me. In 2001, he recorded 75 takes up and a pair of forced fumbles, one for any touchdown in addition to 3 pass deflections as well as an interception. The following year, he did better still recording 133 takes up, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble and three fumble recoveries. He, together with teammate D.J Williams, would be a finalist for that Butkus award.

2: Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is among the finest linebackers ever. My whole family hates him while he was charged with something he did not do, but personally I really like the man. In the U of M, he was runner up for that Butkus Award. In the junior season he’d 160 takes up, 2 sacks, 2 takes up for any loss and a pair of INT’s. I understand I should not like him however i type of need to.

1: Clinton Portis

My personal favorite player ever. He wasn’t the anonymous choice but he’s indeed the finest player in Canes history. In 2001, he’d a fantastic season, hurrying for 1,200 yards and 10 TD’s. He being better within the NFL. In the second season using the Broncos he’d 1,591 yards and 16 scores. He earned the Professional Bowl and guaranteed themself being an NFL star. I understand I’ll recieve critisism however i honestly think he’s Miami’s finest star ever. He is another good person having a heart of gold and it has a lot of non profit organizations.