Best Training for the 100 Meter Dash


Practicing the 100-meter dash concentrates on building strength, speed and technique. You shouldn’t have for aerobic exercise, as your body just uses anaerobic energy to operate the race. Rather, you will want to spend time within the training as well as on the track building the energy you have to achieve your highest speeds.

Instructions concerning how to Train for that 100-Meter Dash

Add some muscle before training for that 100-meter dash. You need to be fit before undertaking event-specific training, so allow a couple of months before beginning to improve your strength, versatility and overall health.

Divide your training season into different four-week training periods to optimize muscle mass building, muscle recovery and peak phases.

Warm-up before and awesome lower after every workout using light jogging, dynamic stretching and stretches that concentrate on every group of muscles.

Incorporate drills of 20 meters and 30 meters, in addition to speed drills at alternating rates of energy to manage your muscular output.

Learn proper running method to avoid injuries and maximize performance. Never practice without needing proper technique, and record your self on video periodically inside your training to check on technique from another perspective.

Spend the first training phase (four days approximately) developing technique and strength. Throughout this era, conduct balanced weight training 72 hours per week, anaerobic exercise eventually each week (for instance, doing repetitions from the 50 meter) and endurance training eventually each week.

Advance your fitness and technique within the next phase of the training. Phase intensive weight training to your existing weight training routine eventually each week. Start to weight train for muscles specific towards the 100 meter. Add eventually each week practicing streamlining your high-speed technique.

Spend the next thing practicing more competition style races, doing multiple repetitions from the 100-meter dash at 100 % capacity in your endurance days and practicing beginning in the block to duplicate competition atmosphere.

Regularly measure your speed and agility, and conduct tests of fitness and readiness for competition. Spend one phase modifying your routine to deal with areas that require more improvement.

Spend one phase recuperating from training and planning for your forthcoming group of training phases.

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