Celtic Nations Brandon Bass 10 Quick Things


Brandon Bass has chosen totally free agency, changing the dynamic if this involves what Danny Ainge as well as the Boston Celtics are usually prepared to complete. It is not like we didn’t look at this coming Bass will be a keep contributor for your Celtics this season, and also the value only elevated because he moved to the beginning selection. But Ainge won’t permit the Bass decision stress him in to a knee-jerk reaction. Ainge will probably be as calculating as you can if the involves determining what steps needs to be taken next.

Ultimately hold out your decision, let’s take time to operate lower 10 quick items that may factor into Ainge’s thinking.

The Anti-Large Baby

Bass shown to become giant upgrade over Large Baby people, rather than only in the overall game. Bass will be a better locker room guy, which he didn’t seem to gripe about playing time or his role inside the offense. If Bass walks, Ainge will probably be hard-pressed to discover a appropriate alternative.


Let’s be realistic: Bass and also the agent understand that he completed a great 2011-12 campaign. The goal is always to strike while using iron is hot, to get the most dollars and security while Bass is at his prime. And you’ll see suitors. The Houston Rockets will most likely produce a run at Bass, and also the partner dozen teams could show some serious interest. Bass likes his situation in Boston and would prefer to return, but on his terms. He will be a extended-term deal just before signing in the base line.


Who knows what Ainge thinks. There is the chance of the lot roster upheaval that Bass might possibly not have a deal to come back. If Ainge decides to keep a skilled core together for the next run, does meaning Bass will receive a extended-term deal? If Ainge overhauls the roster does that finish up to be the determining factor? Arguments could be produced either in situation. At this time around it’s too early to share with.

The Jumper

Bass has nice range together with a pleasant jump-shot. Boston needs players who is able to knock lower a try inside the half-court set. Bass and also the jumper needs to be an excellent commodity, not only for your Celtics but also for other Basketball teams. Ainge will think extended and hard relating to this.

Speed and Quickness

It becomes an portion of concern. Bass is a factor from the plodder, which could hurt you in transition D. He isn’t truly the guy who typically runs the wing with Rondo around the fast break, which he or she is slow to react round the defensive rotations. Draw Bass outdoors, as LeBron did inside the Eastern Conference Finals, plus you’ve got an chance to blow by him to be able to the ring.

Industry &ndash Part Deux

Bass sees that the disposable agent pool is weak, to make sure that was the driving for behind selecting in the final year of his contract. Bass possessed a $4.25 million player option for the 2012-13 season, the best year from the four-year, $16 million deal he inked with Orlando, and selecting out can be a no-brainer decision specific toward landing a extended-term deal.


Bass clearly likes your family feel in the Celtics organization. That will factor heavily in any decision he makes. Once the Celtics come near the amounts Bass is expecting, you’ll have the ability to you will need returning to Boston this fall.

High-Water Marks

Bass averaged career amounts of 12.5 points and 6.2 rebounds over 31.7 minutes per game throughout the 2010-12 season. In sports, there’s an instantaneous relationship between better amounts and bigger dollars. Bass found themselves in a good option within the correct time, now he’ll capitalize.

The Draft

Ainge must deal with this draft before he’ll get intent on creating an idea for your relaxation in the roster. Maybe there’s a trade to move up? Could he stand pat? You will notice a trickle-lower effect concerning the draft, so the relaxation in the dominoes will start to fall.

Show Me The Money

Agent Tony Dutt feels that Bass was under paid out when signing his latest deal. I am certain he’s telling Bass and also the number of this, and permitting these to understand that this really is the finest contract that Bass occasion to sign. So, within the finish throughout your day, this deal is similar to lots of others &ndash it’s all about the money. Wearing Celtic eco-friendly is special indeed, and players discuss the amount of an recognition together with a privilege it’s to represent the Boston Celtics. But it’s another eco-friendly keep most sway. Bass, you’ll be able to be confident, will be happy with nothing less.