Chicago might hase its eyes on adding Quentin Richardson


At this time around, thinking about the Bulls sit within hard salary cap (enforced because of how they added players this summer season), they can’t add anybody. But things release a bit in November as well as the Bulls may add a skilled a minimum of for just about any little depth.

Someone like Quentin Richardson, reviews our guy Aggrey Mike at

&hellip the primary another early-season transaction the Bulls are monitoring is acquiring the very least-salary contract when they have been the cap space to incorporate a 14th player later. Veteran wings for instance recently-waived Quentin Richardson, a Chicago native, are among people in your mind, a league source told, nevertheless the Bulls also provide the option of waiting until later inside the season and signing two players when the addition doesn’t appear necessary in the beginning inside the campaign.

Richardson was one of the guaranteed contracts cut with the Miracle before the summer season started. And you’ll wager the veteran swingman is on not just the Bulls radar just like a solid, affordable veteran available in the marketplace.

Some something a eyes on.

Chicago might hase its eyes on adding quentin richardson11 Chicago might hase its eyes on adding Quentin Richardson

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