Five Most Famous Female Blonde Athletes in the World


Who are some famous female blonde athletes? They say blondes have more fun, and these gorgeous blondes do indeed. Not only are they top drawer, but also top of their game. Toned, athletic, stars, household names; they’re not just athletes, they’re celebrities.

Maria Sharapova: She was the number-one tennis player in the world, plus she’s drop-dead gorgeous. She has quite a list of endorsements, and “Forbes” listed her as one of the highest-paid female athletes in the world. Yes, she’s rich and famous.

Gabrielle Reece: This amazing beach volleyball player she was named by “Elle” magazine as one of the five most beautiful women in the world in 1989. She’s a famous female blonde athlete as well as a model, actor, author and one-time “MTV Sports” host.

Mia Hamm: This famous female blonde athlete is one of the best women soccer players ever to hit the soccer field in history, for both men and women. She’s a gold medalist, a champion on the field and off. She’s an icon for little girls to adore.

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