Funny golf play on words


The schoolteacher was taking her first golf lesson. “May be the word spelt p-u-t or p-u-t-t?” she requested the teacher. “P-u-t-t is true,Inch he responded. “Put means to put a factor in which you need it. Putt means basically a vain make an effort to perform the same factor.” Golf is exactly what you play when you are too in poor condition to experience softball.

Funny golf play on words Funny golf play on words

Q: Exactly what do you call 1,000 golfers lined on a pebble beach holding hands? A: Pebble Beach Golf Links.
So why do golfers always carry two pairs of pants together ?
Just just in case they’d an opening in a single.
The only real reason I play golf would be to bug my spouse. She thinks I am getting fun.
You realize it’s too wet the game of golf whenever your trolley capsizes.
Where are you able to find 100 doctors all at the same location on a day?
“A course!!”
Two golfers were sitting in the 19th hole talking about their games this season when one states to another,
” My game is struggling this season I needed to have my ball retriever regripped !”
What is the main difference from a bad golfer along with a bad skydiver?
A poor golfer goes: WHACK…”Damn”! A poor Skydiver goes: “Damn”!…WHACK.
What in the event you do in case your game of golf is interrupted with a lightning storm?
Walk around holding your 1-iron above your mind, because even God can’t hit single-iron!
Are you aware why you will find 18 holes on the course?
Because that’s how lengthy it required the Scots who invented the overall game to complete their bottle of whiskey!
Have you heard concerning the golfer who got shot yesterday?
Yes, they stated it had been an opening in Juan.
Have you heard concerning the golfer who got shot yesterday?
Yes, they stated it had been an opening in Juan.
The only real distinction between driving in golf and driving a vehicle is the fact that whenever you drive a vehicle you won’t want to hit anything.
My uncle, that has golfed all his existence, has their own meaning of the term G.O.L.F.: Getting Old and Living Fine!
Two very long time golfers were standing over searching the stream. One golfer looked to another and stated, “Take a look at individuals idiots fishin’ while it is raining.Inch
Do you know the four worst words you can hear throughout a game title of golf?
Will still be your turn!
Have you heard concerning the player who spent a lot amount of time in the bunker she got mail addressed to Hitler? A golfer has one edge on an angler can.
He does not need to produce almost anything to prove his story.
“Your the issue here is that you are not addressing the ball properly.”
“Yeah, well I have been polite towards the bloody factor for lengthy enough.”
Q: What’s the distinction between a lost basketball and also the G-place?
A: A guy will expend a few minutes searching for the lost basketball
Yesterday I had been golfing and that i hit two of my favorite balls.
I walked on the rake.
Q: Exactly what do you call a blonde golfer by having an IQ of 125?
A: A foursomeThere are lots of hidden advantages of golfing. Go golf together with your office co-workers and find out how relations improve. Catch on the most recent gossip when you wait for a ball. Exchange funny golf quotes and revel in together with your golf pals. Read a great assortment of funny golf quotes here. With one of these funny golf quotes, you will become an immediate hit within the golf circuit.

Ben Hogan
Golf isn’t a game title of excellent shots. It’s a game title of bad shots.

Raymond Floyd
They refer to it as golf because the rest of the four letter words were taken.

Harry Vardon
Don’t play an excessive amount of golf. Two models each day are plenty.

Ben Hogan
The only real factor a golfer needs is much more daylight.

Jim Bishop
Golf is performed by twenty million mature American males whose spouses think they’re out getting fun.

Ben Hogan
I play golf with buddies sometimes, but you will find never friendly games.

Mark Twain

Golf is a great walk spoiled.

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