Greatest moments in NASCAR all-star races


The NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race looms once again, promising aggressive racing as drivers chase the million-dollar prize.

Without any points at risk, the annual event has turned into a hotly contested showdown between your sports celebrities. It offers a pit stop, multiple segments – or even a driver who will get chosen in to the area.

As past years have proven, many things can happen. Drivers make wild attempts at passes. Leaders crash in the finish line. Tempers flare. After which someone takes home the large check.

Allows examines the surface of the greatest moments in all-star racing history

Davey Allison and Kyle Petty fought Dale Earnhardt

Within the first evening race in the track, a brand new generation with pedigrees within the sport fought towards the finish. Davey Allison and Kyle Petty battled Dale Earnhardt in to the final laps. Earnhardt spun, establishing the fight between Allison and Petty. Allison would win, but he and Petty made contact soon after crossing the conclusion line, delivering Allison hard in to the outdoors wall. He was knocked unconscious and airlifted to some local hospital, but was fortunately not seriously hurt within the crash.

Earnhardt Pass within the grass

The race is famous not for any crash, however for Dale Earnhardt’s fantastic save, named the “Pass within the Grass.” Earnhardt and Bill Elliott have been fighting for that lead when Earnhardt came lower toward Elliott. He slid across before Elliott – and in to the grass. He maintained his straight line, though, and moved back on the track and stored charge. He continued to win the race.

Releasing of the monster

Ray Evernham, lengthy noted for pushing the limitations of NASCAR’s rule book, introduced an ideal vehicle towards the 1997 race. Legal through the rules and named &ldquoT-Rex&rdquo due to its “Jurassic Park: The Ride” fresh paint plan, the vehicle permitted Shaun Gordon to totally dominate the big event. Even though the vehicle fell inside the rules, they was told to not take it to the track also it brought with a tweaks within the rules.

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