Greatest Moments in Washington, DC Sports History


Carrying out a conquer Dallas within our No. 2 moment, the Redskins travelled for that Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, to fight the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII. It absolutely was a rematch including the 2 teams who had met ten years earlier because the Whales completed their perfect 17- season.

The game are actually a little from the rear-and-forth affair, speculate the teams visited the 4th quarter, the Whales were adhering for that lead.

Trailing 17-13 within the 4th quarter, the Redskins experienced a fourth-and-one out of the Dolphins’ 43-yard line. Coach Gibbs decided to visit with this particular, that they known to like a play that’s famous in Redskins’ history: I-Right, 70-nick.

Across the play, Clint Diddier became a member of motion then reduce. As they did, Whales cornerback Don McNeal ended up lower. Seeing this, quarterback Joe Theismann, who had most likely saved the game late within the third quarter, hurried the snap.

Theismann would hands the ball to John Riggins, who in individuals days grew to become recognized to as Diesel. Riggins powered his way through McNeal’s attempt to prevent him and rumbled 43 yards lower the left sideline that will use function as the sport-winning touchdown.

It had been a remarkably gutsy call by Joe and a better effort from Riggins.

The Redskins would add another touchdown and would claim their first-ever Super Bowl championship obtaining a 27-17 victory.

It was not about Riggins, though. Many people forget how dominant the Redskins’ defense what food was at another half of farmville because they didn’t let the Whales to accomplish just one pass.

Nonetheless it had been Riggins’ huge run that left the lasting impression within the minds of Redskins fans.

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