Handball rules and regulations list


Handball Rules and Rules
An incredible mixture of netball, soccer and basketball, handball is really a fast-paced game that needs strength, speed, agility, and team chemistry. With more than 150 nations playing this sport worldwide, its recognition is booming. Today, it’s an Olympic sport and it is performed worldwide using its own World Cup too. It’s controlled by the Worldwide Handball Federation (IHF). You will find many rules which act like those of basketball and soccer, however, many more are unique for this sport.

handball rules and regulations list Handball rules and regulations list

A Legal CourtOrArea –
The dimension from the entire playing area is 131.25 foot (40 m) by 36.62 foot (20 m).he Goal – Its dimensions are 9.84 foot (3 m) wide and 6.56 foot (2 m) tall.
The Six Meter Line – This line signifies the division between your goalkeeper and also the relaxation from the gamers.
The Seven Meter Line – This lines are where penalty shots are taken after fouls are created by gamers.
The Nine Meter Line – An arched dotted lines are in which the attacking team resumes play after being fouled within the line. It’s also called like a free-throw line.
Substitution Line – It is really an area where the gamers should leave a legal court whenever a substitution is created.
Midway Line/Middle Line – This can be a line in the center where the overall game starts in the beginning after half-time, which is additionally a place where the gamers restart the overall game after scoring an objective.
Goal Area – No player is permitted in this region except the goalkeeper. However, a person can jump into el born area as lengthy because he throws and releases the ball before he lands on the ground.
On-Court Positions


Each team has 14 gamers, 7 on-area (6 gamers and 1 goalkeeper) and seven gamers who’re substitutes. No more than 4 authorities are permitted per team. The gamers who get replaced need to leave and go into the court within the substitution type of their particular team. The positions adopted by different gamers are:

Goalkeeper –

He’s the only person who are able to touch the ball together with his ft, or for your matter, can defend the aim with any area of the body.
Circle Runner – This player can also be known to like a pivot or line player, and plays across the six-meter line together with his back faced towards the opponent’s goal. He attempts to push themself among the defenders who queue on the six-meter line to prevent his team from scoring an objective. The pivot needs to stop wasting time and make openings for his teammates to get involved with a much better goal scoring position, by preventing the defenders. Therefore, it is proven to be physically tough.
Right and left Backs – They’re usually tall gamers with higher shoulder energy, who jump and shoot from within the defenders. They are recognized to function as the lengthy-range handball photographers.
Center Back – A middle back may be the mastermind behind the overall game who creates the maneuvers and also the remaining gamers within the shooting positions. Hence, he is proven to be the playmaker or even the point guard from the team.
Right and left Wingers/Outs – These gamers are often short but more agile, and score with the angles from the goal publish. The best winger is generally a left-handed player and the other way around, and they’re also known as the margin side gamers.

Game Playing
Double Dribble – When a player receives the ball, he cannot bounce the ball, then hold it, and bounce it again.
Kicking – Apart from the goalkeeper, not one other player is permitted to kick the ball. When the ball touches anywhere around the knee and below, then possession is granted towards the opposition.
Walking – If your player supports the ball in excess of three seconds without shooting, passing or bouncing it, as well as if he takes a lot more than three steps without dribbling a basketball the ball, then it’s called as ‘walking’, and also the ball possession sheds.
Handball Fouls – Clenching, striking, charging, holding, pushing or stumbling isn’t allowed within this game. However, a person is permitted to trap, stop, throw, hit or push the ball with the aid of his hands, upper thighs, knees, torso, and also the mind. A person may also move the ball in one hands to a different. Just in case the ball touches the referee in the game, the overall game continues.
Six Meter Line – No player is permitted within the six meter line apart from the goalkeeper. Although, while trying an objective, once the player jumps, he is able to land within the 6-meter line only after he releases the ball from his hands.
Sanctions – The referee can f&ecircte a person with whether yellow card (warning, 1/player and threeOrgroup), a 2-minute suspension (team needs to stay in the hand minus that certain player), or perhaps a red-colored card (disqualification, player suspended for remaining from the match).
The ‘Throws’ in Handball
Throw-off – They that wins the toss at the beginning of the overall game requires a throw-off and away to begin the overall game. Both teams ought to be within their particular halves from the court and a minimum of three meters from the ball. This method can also be repeated following the half-some time and after every goal obtained.
Throw-inches – They are granted once the ball crosses along side it line, and it is taken through the team who had been not the final to the touch the ball. The gamer using the throw-in keeps one feet at risk where the ball went and passes it to any one of his teammates within the court.
Free-throws – They are granted for small violations associated with a rule, also it implies that shielders/defenders are meant to stay 9.84 foot (3 m) from the player who’s using the free-throw.
Penalty-throws – A problem is granted for many grave breach associated with a rule or perhaps an illegal interference with a defender while a person tries to score a obvious goal.
Goal-throws – This really is granted towards the protecting team once the ball crosses the aim line with no hindrance by them. Then, the goalkeeper throws the ball everywhere within the goal area, to 1 of his teammates.
Corner-throws – The attacking side requires a corner-throw when any defender knocks the ball behind the aim line. A person in the attacking side keeps one feet on a corner of the aim line and also the side line, and throws the ball to 1 of their own gamers.
Referee’s Throw – The referee bounces the ball to resume the overall game after any incidental violation through the gamers of both teams.
Game Duration
Based on worldwide rules, a game title includes two 30-minute halves, having a 10-minute break or timeout among. If whatsoever the overall game finishes inside a tie after regulation time, it results in overtime, that includes two 5-minute periods, having a 1-minute timeout among them. Despite the 10 mins of additional time, if the overall game continues to be tied, a penalty shootout takes places to determine the eventual champion.

The Ball
It consists of either synthetic or leather material, and also the surface isn’t shiny or smooth. The gamers can use a slimy thick substance generally referred to as ‘stickum’ on their own hands for added grip on your ball. The circumference and weight based on the groups of teams playing are:
For males above 16 years, the circumference from the ball is 58 to 60 centimetres, and also the weight is 425 – 475 grams (IHF size 3).
For ladies above 14, and male youth within the age bracket of 12 to 16, it’s 54 – 56 centimetres, and also the weight is between 325 and 375 grams (IHF size 2).
For boys and women within the age bracket between 8 and 14 (women 8 – 14 and boys eight to twelve), it’s 50 to 52 centimetres, and also the weight is between 290 to 330 grams (IHF size 1).
A game title has two referees who impose the guidelines and control the overall game. They keep switching positions from as being a goal referee to some center referee while both teams move backwards and forwards over the court.

Scoring an objective
An objective is stated to become obtained once the ball crosses the rear goal line completely inside the goal. Within the goal area, the goalkeeper reigns supreme, along with a player needs to shoot from outdoors the aim area only. If your player scores in the own team’s goal, sleep issues will get the purpose. An objective declared through the referee can’t be reclaimed or disallowed throughout the overall game, and also the entry from the goal is required.

Player Uniform
All gamers of the team put on exactly the same color jersey, except the goalkeeper. This is accomplished to differentiate between your goalkeeper along with other team gamers, in order to avoid any confusion. Gamers are designated between – 20, which amounts are marked on their own jerseys around the back and front.
After showing the admonishment signal, the referees should permit the team in
having the ball a while to alter their action. In connection with this, the
level of skill in various age and gratifaction groups should be taken into
They advised should thus be permitted the chance to organize a
specific attacking action for the goal.
When the team in possession doesn’t create a identifiable attempt to get involved with
position to take a chance on goal, then among the referees decides this is
passive play (Rules 7:11-12). (See also underneath the &bdquoDecision-making criteria
after showing the admonishment signal‟).

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