Hottest Black Women Athletes: The Top 5 of All Time


You can either find or start your own “Hottest Black Women Athletes” fantasy list and it is bound to contain some of the sexiest women on earth. Sports are their domain and they own it all. Not only competing with passion and training hard, but also catching the attention of men with their beauty, their assets captivate us in many ways.

Venus Williams: The unbeatable woman of tennis who wins every game she plays. She won the Wimbledon Cup and the U.S. Open. She is attractive enough to make you forget about her stellar performance and start daydreaming about her skimpy outfit.

Marion Jones: The eternal runner. She is fast as a torpedo. Only a few competitors can match her powerful legs. The combination of her hot physique and humble personality makes her a timeless great among hottest black women athlete.

Florence Griffith Joyner: Another great runner to lust for. Nicknamed “Flo-Jo” by her fans, she seemingly effortlessly earned the title of “Fastest Woman in the World”. Not only is she fast on the track but she is also fast to seduce us with her charming smile and athletic body.

Serena Williams: A complete and totally professional tennis player. She is a world class winner with skills honed to capture and defeat any opponent on the tennis court. She also captures our attention with her sexy modeling pictures. She will remain as a hottie for a very long time.

Maritza Correia: A supper hot black women athlete that displays a great gift for swimming no matter the pool or the competition. She is proudly part of the USA Olympic Swimming Team. If you catch a glimpse of her getting out of the pool you will see the water running down her sexy, athletic body.

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