Hottest Female Athletes In The World 2012


Knocking out the hottest female athletes is a matter of opinion and controversy. Everyone has their favorite hot female athlete. Naming ten of the hottest is quite the chore. Female athletes are hot, but there are those female athletes that are mega sexy. This list of ten hot female athletes will certainly have some of your favorites. These hot female athletes cross many sports disciplines. Approach this list of ten hot female athletes as an interchangeable list. Just know that these ten female athletes are 100 percent hot.

Allison Stokke: Track and field has never been so sexy. All these years of ladies in those skimpy track and field outfits have nothing on Allison. This athlete is all women and all hottie. Allison has the greatest legs in sport and a smile that will melt more than your heart. In present days she is the hottest female athletes in the world.

Maria Sharapova: This Russian beauty stands an impressive six foot-two inches. All leg and all sex appeal Maria set the tennis world on its ass. She is engaging, lovely and intelligent. Intimidating to many but appreciated by all.

Danica Patrick: Sex on wheels, this brunette goddess is a dream on wheels. With a flawless body and a fiery persona Danica lights up many a dream. This sexy legged beauty has taken the oval by storm. She is the circuit’s hottest female athletes commodity and will soon own the circuit.

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