Hottest Football Couple: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk


There’s additionally a variety of athelte, however, which never forms for under the very best. They do not desire a lady mooching off them and taking their hard-gained money, so that they find womem who’re just like effective, otherwise much more, compared to what they are.

They are what we should prefer to call “power couples”…and they’re a category above almost every other athlete-WAG combo available.

Cristiano Ronaldo is really a Portuguese soccer star who is renowned for jumping from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some of his female friends happen to be from the “ambitious model” character, he certainly found the real thing in Irina Shayk.

The Russian beauty was the coverage girl for that 2011 SI Swimsuit Edition, that is essentially the top from the swimsuit modeling world.

Cristiano Ronaldo is renowned for using models and them tossing them like last week’s newspaper, but he might have recently met his complement Shayk.

Just don’t request me what language they talk to one another.