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I made use of this book to understand golf within my teens. I loved it in those days, however it enables you to a legs player! Now i’m focusing on a contemporary more-controlled leg action.One factor within the book that sticks out was how Jack accustomed to get mad as he hit any ball that went even one inch left (in the early fade only days). An example how how to produce a swing permanently misses.This book ended up being to confusing for me personally. To a lot of swing ideas were put into my mind also it really helped me a worse golfer than after i began. I wouldn’t recommend this book to some beginner golfer, most likely not really a skilled one.I love it. It is precisely what the title signifies: Golf Jack’s way. I required a couple of things from this – his takeaway description really assisted me for just one. Though you might not use lots of his techniques, he always describes them clearly and completely. I particularly like his way of working the ball right and left and the reasoning for doing this of all every shot.Overall it is a nice understanding of why is Jack tick for individuals who wish to know.Golf My Way” was among the first popular golf books to explain working the ball and why. Jack’s words about playing percentage golf still run true today and it is unfortunate more gamers aren’t effective the ball regularly. Ben Hogan even stated he never hit a straight shot purposely. The current “hit everything straight” attitude just results in eternal frustration. It’s like attempting to throw a frisbee perfectly straight each time. Much simpler to curve it on track.Jack’s attitude towards playing the overall game shot by shot, pacing off distances more specifically, and playing for your talents continues to be great advice for decades of golfers. Despite the fact that I began farmville only lately, I truly loved it and combined with “Golf My Way” videos, I’ve be a real Jack Nicklaus fan. I simply think he brings together “good golf” in lots of ways. I particularly like how he stressed one swing combined with every club within the bag, not 13 different shifts

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