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Blessed with supreme talents on the pitch, Leo has also proven to be something of an angel off it. He has been well documented for his humbled and mature attitude in conferences, in age of which such qualities are rarer to find in the game. To bolster this tag further, Lionel made a tribute to his father Jorge after scoring a goal for Argentina against Venezuela, by revealing a message under his shirt. Furthermore in 2009, he showed respect to sufferers of fragile x syndrome after scoring in El Clasico, and then in the off-season worked with the Family Association of Spinal Muscular Atrophy to aid victims of this condition.

Messi, being the media darling that he is, has been linked to a number of girls, of which it has been said he had been dating. The fist of these was Macarena Lemos, a young Argentine from his home town of Rosario. He has in the past also been linked to the Argentine model, Luciana Salazar, who was the official Argentinian representative model at the 2006 World Cup. However, both these stories were quashed as not true. Lionel stunned many of his fans when, In January 2009, he told “Hat Trick Barça”, in response to a question posed by a child “I have a girlfriend and she is living in Argentina, I am relaxed and happy”. The girl has since been identified as ‘Antonella’, a fellow native of Rosario.

With an ever increasing reputation, Konami approached Leo to work on their famous football gaming series, ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’. He features on the front cover of both the video games Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and 2010, whilst also undergoing promotional campaigns and motion-capturing for for the games.

The Argentine has also been contacted to support the works of the Unicef charity. FC Barcelona currently display the UNICEF logo on their shirts and it appears the organisation are keen to expand their relationship by utilising the global recognition of Lionel Messi.

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