Misty May-Treanor Kerri Walsh Beach Volleyball Career


United States’ Misty May-Treanor Kerri Walsh Jennings both are going to end up their Beach Volleyball career for their forthcoming future life.

And so May-Treanor and Walsh Jennings get a final that will be memorable for more reasons than they imagined. The days are dwindling and the end is near for the duo, who have become beach volleyball royalty. They will be friends forever, but teammates for only one match longer. As they push toward what they hope will be their third straight Olympic gold medal, before May-Treanor, 35, heads off into retirement, it seems that the emotion of the endgame is as formidable an opponent as anyone they face across the net.

With, that is, the possible exception of their American counterparts. What the two U.S. teams have cannot be called a rivalry, not with May-Treanor/Walsh Jennings being so much more decorated than Kessy/Ross. But there is some edge to the relationship. Kessy and Ross have watched May-Treanor/Walsh Jennings get far more media attention than they have, or any other team for that matter, and though they can’t argue that it is undeserved, they would like to serve notice that there is another women’s team worth everyone’s notice.

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