Most Popular Sports at the Beach


Playing sports at the beach is a great way to get physical activity and have a lot of fun outside. It can also be a good way to meet new people and even to find a date for the night. Some sports will require more people or may be more competitive than others, but they will all be fun if you have a group of people to play with. Bring your friends or go find some new ones to play these sports at the beach.

Volleyball – Volleyball is a great sport and is a lot of fun to play at the beach. The sand provides some cushioning and allows for diving and more competitive play. You can have teams as small or as big as you want, although five and above may get kind of crowded. All this sport requires is a ball and a net, and most beaches will have nets setup randomly throughout the sand.

Soccer – You can play soccer with friends on the beach and have a lot of fun as well. All it requires is a soccer ball and people. You can pass the ball around together, juggle together in a circle, or if you have small goals handy you can even have small games together. Soccer is a great way to exercise and is a lot of fun on the beach.

Frisbee – Frisbee is a traditional sport you can play on the beach. You can play organized games of ultimate frisbee or you can just toss it around with some friends. Either way, you will enjoy spending time with your buddies, getting some exercise, and spending time in the sun.

Football – Football is another great sport to play at the beach. You can bring a football out just to throw with some friends, or you can setup organized games if you have enough players. Diving in the sand makes it a lot more fun to play and it will give you plenty to do while you are at the beach.

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