NCAA Miami Hurricanes Lanyard


College Team Logo design design design Lanyards. Support your selected team by using this Formally Licensed College Team Logo design design design Lanyard. Each 1 ” wide x 18 inch extended Nylon material material material lanyard features color team logos on sides, a relaxation away Velcro connection for saftey, easy buckle for convenient removeal of secrets or badges without getting rid of the whole lanyard from around your neck. Perfect for secrets, student IDs, worker badges, and sporting occasions.


I love it! I in addition love the very fact you’ll have the ability to disconnect the secrets without getting eliminating it in the neck.

The item is excellent. The look is incredible now i’m capable of showcase my true Stick pride everyday. Just just in case your a UM fan and they are always losing you secrets I suggest this lanyard regardless of what

Bought 4 of people and gave individuals to pals. All were grateful and they are along with pride

looks great does not wash well all wrinkles NCAA Miami Hurricanes Lanyard