News of Olympic badminton scandal prompts rule revamp


The Badminton World Federation on Friday introduced changes to Olympic doubles rules carrying out a match-tossing scandal in the London Games, but stated it might take no further action against coaches.

It stated the brand new system, which is introduced for that Rio Olympic games in 2016, would “ensure this type of unlucky spectacle isn’t observed in badminton again”.

The BWF stated that later on, following a group stage, all pairs finishing second within their groups could be place into another draw to find out who they face within the knockout phase.

But pairs topping their group stage might have fixed positions equal to seeded placings within the knockout stage.

“This can eliminate any player’s ideas about positively attempting to lose a match or matches, regardless of other match results. This type of draw process can certainly and effectively be produced just in the end group matches happen to be came to the conclusion,” the federation stated inside a statement launched in Bangkok.

Eight women’s doubles gamers from Columbia, Indonesia and China were disqualified for attempting to lose matches in the London Olympic games.

The scandal motivated Chinese badminton star Yu Yang to state she was giving up the game, although she started again playing in the Super Series Premier event in Shanghai earlier this year.

In the statement, the federation stated the BWF Council had came to the conclusion it had been “not legally achievable” to consider further action against any coaches or entourages within the London Olympic games situation.

The federation noted that a number of its member associations had already taken their very own action, and stated it had increased its very own code of conduct.

The Korea Badminton Association initially banned two coaches for existence but after an appeal reduced the suspension to 2 years.

The BWF also stated its council had approved the trial early the coming year of the instant-replay line call system using cameras to exhibit the precise place in which a shuttle lands in the game.

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