NHL Top 5 Draft 1 Position


Ron DiPietro, 2000 (Islanders): Every time a rather promising goalkeeper when using the N.Y. Islanders, DiPietro went utilizing a four-year saga of injuries debacles and attitude questions that have dropped him into infamy.

Patrik Stefan, 1999 (Thrashers): Possibly the must-talked about draft bust ever, Stefan completed seven miserable seasons when using the Thrashers and Stars, never scoring a lot more than 14 goals in any one, before saying they have had enough.

Alexandre Daigle, 1993 (Senators): The very first overall pick of 1993, who elevated being famous whenever a blast joke put him off a 1996 team plane trip, produced a few decent seasons inside the career of mediocrity before being came back completely to Europe.

Other Disappointments: Chris Phillips (1996, Senators), Brian Berard (1995, Senators)

Nhl top draft position12 NHL Top 5 Draft 1 Position

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