NHL Top 5 Draft 2 Position


Andrei Zyuzin, 1996 (Sharks): This excellent Russian bust&mdasha title frequently heard noisy . models within the draft&mdashnever acquired more than eight goals and 21 points in a NHL season before in Europe.

Oleg Tverdovsky, 1994 (Ducks): Very handful of draft pick “busts” know they have won two Stanley Cups, but despite Tverdovsky’s number of rings, the 1994 second overall pick went downhill rapidly carrying out a couple of good years in Anaheim now plays within the KHL.

Dork Chyzowski, 1989 (Islanders): This Edmonton native stunned scouts while using the WHL’s Kamloop Fun dresses, but returned including the NHL and AHL throughout his career while scoring only 31 career points within the large leagues.

Other Disappointments: Wade Redden (1995, Islanders), Pat Falloon (1991, Sharks)

Nhl top draft position11 NHL Top 5 Draft 2 Position

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