Poplar Top 10: NHL Body Checks


Bone-crushing, mind-jarring and nerve-rattling: these are merely a couple of from the terms accustomed to describe probably the most exciting plays within the sport of hockey. The NHL body check is a vital element of the overall game, and may turn the tide as fast like a energy play or perhaps a timely goal. Obviously, the spectrum of NHL body checks is definitely debated by hardcore fans. This really is because of the truth that some body checks are as sparkling clean and well-placed, while some are merely dirty (and frequently stomach-wrenching to look at). The NHL body checks about this list are in no way for that average person. Here’s a glance at a few of the all-time best NHL body checks that the overall game needs to offer.

10 Darcy Tucker body checks Sami Kapanen

The then-Toronto Walnut Leafs’ Darcy Tucker’s hit on Sami Kapanen from the Pittsburgh Penguins would be a memorable NHL body check, and never due to the check itself. It had been the aftermath of the hockey villain’s play that puts that one within the books.

Kapanen was racing lower in to the offensive zone searching to create the play. From that which was proven on camera, Tucker seems just like a phantom and stymies Sami across the boards having a vicious body check. Kapanen’s body was parallel using the ice upon impact, after which he dropped towards the ice just like a 200-pound anvil. The play ongoing, but Kapanen was knocked so difficult he did his best impression of the headless chicken in route to the bench, woozy beyond comprehension. The only real factor which was missing would be a Benny Hill Yakety Sax audio cut.

9 Mike Peca body checks Teemu Selanne

Hockey gamers are neither intended nor created to do full 360-degree rotations around the ice. However, that’s just what the Vancouver Canucks’ Mike Peca gave the Winnipeg Jets’ Teemu Selanne like a West Coast welcoming.

Selanne had just designed a nice back-pass to some teammate because they were cycling the puck in to the Canucks’ zone. Little did Teemu realize that Peca was awaiting him at center ice. Peca travelled shoulder first directly into Selanne’s nose, delivering him right into a full-circle spiral that left him lower around the ice for a great deal of time. It had been bittersweet for Peca he was sidelined for six days having a damaged jaw in the hit. Discuss bad karma.

8 Larry Robinson body checks Gary Dornhoefer

That one is definitely an oldie, but a goodie. In the late ’70s, once the Broad Street Bullies terrorized the NHL using their bruising style, the Montreal Canadiens’ Larry Robinson shipped some disco-era punishment of their own.

Gary Dornhoefer from the Pittsburgh Penguins was skating across the boards within the neutral zone, and Robinson (also called &ldquoBig Bird&rdquo) was smelling bloodstream and searching for the kill. Robinson arrived next to a streaking Dornhoefer, giving him the concept that he was out of the woods, but rather shipped a hybrid shoulder-stylish check that’ll be relived with the age range. Gary’s noggin returned from the glass after which quickly crumpled towards the ice. The hit am hard the maintenance crew needed to be contacted mid-game to nail it’s back to place, and Dornhoefer was rumored to become spitting up bloodstream for 3 days after.

7 Dion Phaneuf body checks Denis Hamel

The Calgary Flames will always be considered to be a tough-and-tumble team. This label was demonstrated in spades when Dion Phaneuf, a stalwart Flames defenseman, equalized the Ottawa Senators’ Denis Hamel in 2006.

The overall game was tied nil-nil, and Hamel was creating a hurry up in to the Flames’ zone and lightly left the puck to allow his teammates chase it behind the Flames’ internet. In regards to a second after happens when Phaneuf made the decision that the open-ice hit would nix that plan. Phaneuf absolutely rocked Hamel, who had been skating together with his mind lower. Hamel was sent flying in to the boards, ft above his mind, and that he crashed in to the boards just like a curling rock tossed way too hard. The only real factor poor Denis didn’t have was a set of wings and surely a couple of teeth after.

6 Trevor Linden body checks Jeff Norton

What type of NHL body check countdown does not incorporate a glass-breaking moment? It’s recognized to happen every once in awhile within the NHL, there is however always that certain classic hit that you could write home about. Trevor Linden from the Dallas Stars completed that hit on St. Louis Blues defenseman Jeff Norton, and it is worth watching over and over.

Norton was arriving across the boards (another common theme, it appears), and Trevor Linden saw an opportunity to finish a body check. What appeared as if a harmless little bit of toughing converted into poetry moving. Hockey glass does not break from sheer pressure alone the hit needs to be-timed and well-placed, and Norton hit the obvious stuff with Robin Hood-like precision. The glass skyrocketed right into a storm of shards, and Norton was sent mind-over-heels in to the crowd and onto an naive digital photographer.

5 Vladimir Konstantinov body checks Claude Lemieux

Lemieux required a power outlet pass and was hurrying lower it’s using the puck. However, before he could finish the play, Red-colored Wings defenseman Vladimir Konstantinov was comfortably stalking him in the neutral zone, prepared to strike. Lemieux was going to finish the have fun with a deke, but Vladdy caught him having a well-placed open-ice stylish make sure that sent poor Claude right into a spectacular airborne spiral, twisting and contorting completely lower towards the ice before landing awkwardly on his mind. It isn’t known if Greg Louganis was at the stands.

4 Cory Sarich body checks Patrick Marleau

Are you able to begin to see the common theme for a number of these NHL body checks? It’s when gamers keep their heads lower and therefore are centered on the puck they appear to suffer a bruising fate. So, similar to the relaxation within the conga line, the San Jose Sharks’ Patrick Marleau danced using the demon — or perhaps in this situation, a Calgary Flame.

The Flames were lower 3- and searching for magic. They have to have discovered it. Marleau was across the boards within the defensive zone searching for the opening spread a bouncing puck. He did not visit a thundering Cory Sarich arriving around the pinch, and that he experienced a creaming body make sure that will make coffee addicts proud. Using the Shark bleeding just like a faucet, the Calgary crowd was sent right into a tizzy, which was perhaps the level that brought Calgary for an eventual 4-3 victory.

3 Scott Stevens body checks Paul Kariya

Ever drive lower the road searching left and never begin to see the semi decreasing in your right? This can be the easiest method to describe the bone-crushing body make sure that the Nj Devils’ Scott Stevens, probably the most feared and toughest-striking blueliners in NHL history, shipped to new Paul Kariya.

Within the 2002-03 2010 nfl playoffs, The Anaheim Mighty Ducks were leading the Demons 3-1 and Nj was searching to alter the momentum by having an uber-gifted Ducks side. Paul Kariya had intercepted a giveaway and made the decision to dump the puck across the boards, but simply like many NHL body-check sufferers, he was caught together with his mind lower. Stevens freight-trained Kariya in the heart of the ice, and Kariya’s mind practically returned from the ice. He was lower and never moving, even clouding up his visor while laying there breathing. But, just like a courageous warrior, he handled to obtain on his ft, as well as returned later in the overall game to pot an attractive goal around the next change.

2 Brian Campbell body checks R.J. Umberger

This is just one of individuals NHL body checks which makes you glad that you simply never managed to get past bantam league. The Zoysia Sabres’ Brian Campbell required benefit of a wide open-ice chance and, because the bloggers remarked after, Pittsburgh Penguins forward R.J. Umberger was &ldquosized up and organized.&rdquo

The Flyers were pushing from their zone, and Niko Dimitrakos had passed it to Umberger, who gently touched it forward. Regrettably, this put R.J. in the actual car headlights of 1 Brian Campbell, who bumped out his on-ice opponent having a blockbuster open-ice check. Umberger’s mind was lower, and Campbell’s shoulder associated with Umberger’s jaw — then Umberger went lower just like a stiff wood. He was clearly from it around the ice and wondering if he was at paradise or Disneyland. A great NHL fight ensued between your two teams.

1 Scott Stevens body checks Eric Lindros

It’s tragic this list is not a high 10 its Scott Stevens’ hits we’re able to populate this with an array of options. However, his hit on Eric Lindros within the 2000 2010 nfl playoffs was probably the most loathed by fans as well as probably the most memorable.

Lindros, already known to possess a good reputation for concussion problems, acquired a loose puck within the neutral zone and blazed lower the center slot having a mind of steam. Regrettably, she got caught together with his mind lower and skated directly into the vicious shoulder of Scott Stevens, who billed using the pressure of the bull. Lindros immediately dropped towards the ice, and fans cried foul for any dirty hit. However, the replay clearly demonstrated a clear shoulder hit directly on the jaw of Lindros, and also the Demons were not even evaluated a problem. They can continued to win the series and also the Stanley Cup.

Poplar Top 10 NHL Body Checks1 Poplar Top 10: NHL Body Checks

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