Popular 10 Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History


A year ago I released a list of sports scenes from movies that have been so patently absurd I felt they need to be ranked to locate out that was indeed the most not practical of all.

Little did I realize, the article would go viral.

It seems people love watching terrible movie depictions of sports contests. Plus it seems people decide to get really mad when a movie that they like is incorporated on such a list.

After coming back to the comments section of it, I recognized (with the help of you, the visitors) that might be too many great scenes that we left out. I still uphold my original 10, however made the decision to produce a second list – a follow-up, for a moment – to show more awful sports scenes.


Prior to getting started relating to this list, you’ll find a couple of a few things i need do.

First, read/watch my original publish – The 10 Most Not practical Sports Scenes in Movie History.

Next, take the time to read the following self-enforced ground rules for the list. This will help understand why, theoretically, Talladega Nights can not be incorporated but Days of Thunder can.

I’ve not seen every movie ever made. I’ve come across a bunch, and merely below is my list. I must hear your opinions in the comments below, since i have surely missed some good ones.
I am deliberately departing out deliberately absurd moments, for instance Michael J. Fox morphing into a werewolf and ruling his secondary school basketball games, or Andre 3000 playing a Darryl Dawkins/Julius Erving hybrid in Semi-Professional and in some manner getting a 65” vertical.
Comedies are disqualified unless of course of course their sports scenes are intended to be sensible. For example, Major League is a absurd movie, but the baseball scenes are meant to mimic real-existence baseball, so theoretically it could count.
The scenes don’t always have to come from a sports movie. The idea is always to highlight any sporting moment in any film that could never in a million years occur in tangible existence.
I have taken into account the context of the scene additionally to the actual achievement. For example, when Kevin Costner holes out from 235 yards in Container Cup, it’s not practical as they had a chance at the U.S. Open riding on him sinking that exact shot which he’d already decorated several balls in the water trying the same shot.
You’ll find a couple of scenes which I know of which i basically couldn’t find video. A publish about movie scenes without videos is not any fun, therefore i eschewed people.

We now have that out of the way, let’s check out the list!

10. Top Gun – Volleyball Scene

Tom Cruise is brief. Volleyball players, especially the best ones, are frequently tall. You will see where I’m going to this website.

I’m a large fan of Top Gun, nevertheless it has not stopped to amaze me that the volleyball scene is at this movie. I guess it really was a reason to demonstrate Maverick, Iceman, and Slider utilizing their t t shirts off (poor Goose), but goodness can it be terrible. It can possibly are actually an attempt to demonstrate us how truly badass Maverick was through getting him be a dominant beach volleyball player.

Watch Cruise’s many spikes and you should consider his vertical. That internet must attend least a ft under the regulation height of roughly 8 foot. Bonuses for Goose’s knuckle set too. Which takes skill.

9. Escape From L.A. – Basketball Scene

Lizard Plissken will most likely be carried out unless of course of course they can score 10 points – all baskets count as 2, with no 3&primes – while receiving 10-seconds per shot. His shot attempts get progressively harder, concluding in a full court heave he must sink to reside in.

If the doesn’t become qualified as not practical, I am unsure simply what does.

I am aware this edges on being deliberately absurd, however incorporated it as it is amusing and Kurt Russell is a of the most popular stars.

8. The Substitutes – Final Play

Whether it is as Shane Falco or Johnny Utah, Keanu Reeves is certainly an unconvincing quarterback.

Here he handles to steer his team to victory by throwing a deep touchdown pass to his hard of hearing tight finish which has in some manner handled being available behind the entire defense. Wouldn’t the defense maintain a total prevent situation here, knowning that only a touchdown can beat them?

Also, there certainly should have been a delay of game penalty referred to as, because Falco takes about 1:30 to acquire the play off. The huddle dialogue is actually crazy and poorly shipped, too.

7. Vision Mission – Swain vs. Shute

Vision Quest is a good movie about a youthful guy coming of age and learning all types of tough training about being a guy.

It is also terribly not practical as a sports movie, especially at the finish.

We are introduced to consider that Louden Swain lost 22 pounds to lower two weight classes and possess his shot at Shute, the safeguarding condition champion. Once we see Shute, small children he’s a huge, hulking animal of a wrestler, so there isn’t a method in which Swain was much heavier than Shute.

Also, Swain is simply in the second year of competitive wrestling, so the chances of him taking lower the juggernaut Shute are unlikely at best.

6. The Legend of Bagger Vance – The Forest

I truly loved The Legend of Bagger Vance. This scene is just too much, though.

I’d be okay with him getting out of the woods, but blindly sticking it 5 foot from the hole? This scene is the golf comparable to the old Carl’s junior H.O.R.S.E. ads with MJ and Ray Bird.

5. The Super – Joe Pesci’s Basketball Capabilities

I’d never observed this movie, plus it edges on deliberately not practical, but visitors Mirthon is suitable: Joe Pesci dunking is just too better to avoid.

A quick Search unveils that Pesci is roughly 5’4&Prime. He was 48 years of age if the movie came out.

To condition that his chances of dunking in a New You’ll be able to pickup game (which made an appearance to happen in the winter, for reasons uknown) are slim might be like saying his character in Casino was a little hot-headed.

4. Side Out – The Worst Set Ever

Two volleyball scenes in this particular list? Absolutely, especially considering how bad that certain is really.

C. Thomas Howell is a youthful lawyer with no volleyball experience, so that it only is smart he’d start playing volleyball with a upon the market professional and finally beat the best professional beach teams on the circuit.

That story is outlandish enough, however this scene really puts an exclamation mark on the absurdity of this movie.

After a difficult volley, Howell oddly jumps and does a 360 set to his partner Peter Horton. There’s pointless I understand to accomplish the spin on that set, and the other team aren’t near the internet for Horton’s spike.

Apologies without audio relating to this clip. Just queue up Kenny Loggins’ &ldquoPlaying With the Boys&rdquo from the Top Gun clip if you want some quality musical accompaniment.

3. Sudden Dying – Van Damme Becomes Goalkeeper

I like Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. They are absurdly fun to check out, including Sudden Dying.

But any conversation about not practical scenes must include that certain. A couple of site visitors pointed out my slight of that certain.

Van Damme is a fire marshal who eventually eventually ends up hijacking the Pittsburgh Penguins’ goalie uniform and entering a game. He handles to produce a glove save (furthermore to saving the day) and start a battle to supply cover him to exit the game and handle kicking ass. Truly amazing.

2. The Scout – Steve Nebraska’s 81-Pitch, 27-K Perfect Game

In the aftermath of my first publish, it had been the the one that really gnawed at me.

The Scout is actually awful. From the seeing previews with this in the ’90&primes and thinking it looked good, only when it finally increased being an Cinemax mid-day staple I used to be totally disappointed. Brendan Fraser might be in the Hall of Fame for stars who look completely unathletic.

You’ll find a lot of items that are not practical here.

First, the helicopter delivery onto the area (I’m discounting Steve Nebraska sitting on the roof of Yankee Stadium to become only mildly not practical). Next, Ozzie Cruz striking 5 homers in the postseason.

Clearly, the game stats – 81 pitches, all strikes for 27 strikeouts. The final pitch – 112 mph and effective enough to blow the catcher and umpire back 10 foot. Plus, add in the undeniable fact that Nebraska taken care of for individuals of the Yankees’ offense in the game.

I have a feeling Steinbrenner think it is completely possible in solid existence, provided he spent enough money to discover the real Steve Nebraska.

1. Rocky – Every Fight Scene in Every Movie

The finest oversight inside my first publish, The the fact is that, was the omission of the Rocky movies.

Several site visitors were surprised (annoyed?) that we left out the &ldquoItalian Stallion.&rdquo Well, consider this me making amends, dear site visitors.

I possibly could not narrow the area to at least one particular fight or possibly movie, therefore i made the decision to add in this knockout montage. You’ll find seen the Rocky movies, do yourself a favor watching all of them and luxuriate in the over the top in-ring action.

Popular most unrealistic sports scenes in movie history1 Popular 10 Most Unrealistic Sports Scenes in Movie History

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