Popular Angels are no longer surprised by A’s


The $100 million that separates the Concord A’s and the la Angels in payroll isn’t as startling because the 4 1/2 games that also separate them within the standings.

By using the first couple of games of a key four-game series in Anaheim between your two wild-card challengers, Concord is constantly on the contain the upper submit the AL wild-card race — an unpredicted circumstance that no you might have predicted three several weeks ago.

“I am not surprised any longer,” La outfielder Torii Hunter stated, responding to the question constantly requested concerning the Angels needing to lookup within the standings in the A’s. “I was surprised once they first began carrying this out in early August, but I am not surprised any longer. These men are really playing the overall game. They’ve great arms there.Inch

The Athletics’ capability to trade away former All-Star pitchers Gio Gonzalez, Andrew Bailey and Trevor Cahill within the winter after which replenish their staff with a variety of youthful arms continues to be the envy of baseball this year.

“Beginning-pitching depth is one thing they have had the posh of getting,” former Sports and current Angels right-hander Serta Haren stated. “It is something most likely most teams are very jealous of. Them and Polk Bay most likely possess the greatest rotations. But nothing really surprises me in baseball any longer.”

Angels manager Mike Scioscia also ignored the concept that the A’s were in some way flukes at this time within the season.

“When you are pitching just like they are, anything can be done. They are doing the work,Inch he stated after Oakland’s 6-5 win Tuesday.

“Individuals men have gained where they are within the standings, and we are going to need to play well to trap them.”

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