Popular Top 10 First Basemen in Chicago Cubs Franchise History


Ongoing tabs on my series, I rated my top first basemen in Cubs franchise history.

While Ernie Banks was unquestionably the very best energy striking first basemen the Cubs have ever experienced, he completed more games at shortstop so he won’t be factor relevant for this list.

Since the ratings are somewhat subjective, since they are always, I looked carefully each and every player’s 162-game average throughout his tenure while using the Cubs, in accessory for whether he was part of any Cubs playoff teams.

I believe you’ll love this and remain using the series because it continues. Clearly, I anticipate your input.

10: Dee Fondy, 1951-1957

Cubs Career Totals: .285 BA, 66 HR, 327 RBI
162-Game Average: .285 BA, 14 HR, 68 RBI

While not everything well-proven to Cubs fans, myself incorporated, Fondy setup serviceable amounts in the career undertaking a departure of Phil Cavarretta.

He’d his best single season in 1953 as they launched b .309, 18, 78 line, which have been career levels.

9: Vic Saier, 1911-1917

Cubs Career Totals: .265 BA, 53 HR, 378 RBI, 116 SB
162-Game Average: .265 BA, 11 HR, 76 RBI, 23 SB

Simply because they wasn’t a part of the earth Series teams, Saier is a great defensive first basemen and the very best energy players of his era.

He made an appearance being the very best base stealing risks in the career.

8: Leon Durham, 1981-1988

Cubs Career Totals: .279 BA, 138 HR, 485 RBI
162-Game Average: .279 BA, round-the-clock, 85 RBI
All-Star Looks: 2
Silver Sluggers: 1

Since the lasting memory Cubs fans may have may be the floor ball including the legs, Durham is a very productive first basemen in his time while using the North Siders.

He’d his best season for the 1984 playoff team, posting career levels in home runs (23) and RBI (96) while finishing twelfth in the NL MVP voting.

7: Bill Buckner, 1977-1984

Cubs Career Totals: .300 BA, 81 HR, 516 RBI
162-Game Average: .300 BA, 13 HR, 86 RBI
All-Star Looks: 1
1980 NL Batting Title

In his seven seasons while using the Cubs, Buckner hit over .300 four occasions including striking .324 in 1980 to win the NL Batting Title.

Buckner also finished in the very best 20 in MVP voting four occasions in his tenure while using the Cubbies.

6: Charlie Grimm, 1925-1936

Cubs Career Totals: .296 BA, 61 HR, 697 RBI
162-Game Average: .296 BA, 7 HR, 85 RBI
Manager: 1932-1936

Grimm handled to obtain happen all for the Cubs, while he’ll be an excellent hitter, stellar fielding first basemen, or possibly a person manager for 5 years.

His best season came in 1929 as they hit .298, 10, 91 and take proper care of 14th in MVP voting.

5: Derrek Lee, 2004-Present

Cubs Career Totals: .300 BA, 132 HR, 425 RBI
162-Game Average: .300 BA, 30 HR, 98 RBI
All-Star Looks: 2 (one start)
Silver Sluggers: 1
Gold Mitts: 2
2005 NL Batting Title

The Lee for Hee Seop Choi trade was among the finest in franchise history, as adding Lee remains among the primary reasons in the Cubs recent success.

Simply because they has lost some energy, Lee’s 2005 season was one for the age ranges. He won the batting title getting b .335 average, and added 46 home runs and 107 RBI. Also, he’d an NL levels of fifty doubles and 199 hits.

4: Phil Cavarretta, 1934-1953

Cubs Career Totals: .292 BA, 92 HR, 896 RBI
162-Game Average: .292 BA, 8 HR, 74 RBI
All-Star Looks: 4 (one start)
1945 NL MVP

Simply because they was missing traditional first basemen energy, Cavarretta was the skin in the franchise until Ernie Banks turned up, which he’ll be a sizable reason for the teams trip around the globe Series in 1945.

He was the NL MVP that season, striking .355, 6, 97 and winning the NL Batting Title. Then he hit .423, 1, 5 in our planet Series loss.

3: Frank Chance, 1898-1912

Cubs Career Totals: .297 BA, 20 HR, 590 RBI, 400 SB
162-Game Average: .297 BA, 3 HR, 75 RBI, 51 SB
Hall of Fame
Manager: 1905-1912

Chance wasn’t just the first basemen across the 1907 and 1908 world champions but he made an appearance being the teams manager.

He sports ths record for career steals getting a first basemen with 376, along with the only season record with 67 in 1903.

2: Mark Grace, 1988-2000

Cubs Career Totals: .308 BA, 148 HR, 1004 RBI
162-Game Average: .308 BA, 13 HR, 85 RBI
All-Star Looks: 3 (one start)
Gold Mitts: 4

The hits and doubles leader in the the 19 nineties, Grace is a staple for several terrible Cubs teams in the first 1990′s.

What he was without in energy, he more than composed for with clutch striking and great fielding.

1: Cap Anson, 1876-1897

Cubs Career Totals: .329 BA, 97 HR, 1879 RBI
162-Game Average: .329 BA, 7 HR, 134 RBI
Hall of Fame
Batting Game game game titles: 2
RBI Game game game titles: 8

Anson is most likely the very best gamers in the dead ball era, heck in baseball history, as well as the career amounts are insane. That ‘stache alone screams out Hall of Famer.

He was an amazing contact hitter, striking out only 294 occasions in 10,112 plate looks in his time while using the Cubs.

His 21 home runs in 1884 were uncommon for that time, as well as the 2,076 career RBI are third all-time.

He even pitched three games in his career, recording a save in the procedure.

Popular top first basemen in chicago cubs franchise history1 Popular Top 10 First Basemen in Chicago Cubs Franchise History

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