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The very best 10 hardest hitters within the NHL are an accumulation of the meanest, most difficult males in hockey or other sport. Hockey is really a physical sport, and brutal bodychecks are not only seen permitted, but urged. Many hockey fans prefer to see certainly one of their team’s defensemen deliver a crushing hit compared to team’s star score a fancy goal. Are hockey fans more bloodthirsty than fans of other sports? Possibly, but that’s a debate for an additional day. Since Scott Stevens leaves the overall game, the main just right their email list from the top ten hardest hitters within the NHL is an empty competition. For a long time, Stevens was the undisputed hardest hitter within the NHL, and that he could fill a hardest hits ever DVD by themself. Present day challengers towards the throne really are a diverse bunch, but to some guy they provide opposing gamers bad dreams. Listed here are my picks for that top ten hardest hitters within the NHL:

10 – Mike Fisher

This feisty Ottawa Senator forward is probably not that large by NHL standards at 6 ft, and 183 pounds, but he makes use of every ounce of his compact frame to heap punishment on his competitors. A relentless forechecker, Fisher is fast and aggressive, and defensemen round the league go over their shoulders when they hear Fisher churning in the ice towards them.

9 – Chris Pronger

If the would be a countdown from the top ten meanest gamers within the NHL then Chris Pronger will be a lot greater in the list. He is probably not probably the most devastating bodychecker, thinking about his towering 6’6″ frame, but he still can deliver a cheque with sufficient impact to squeak to the listing of the very best 10 hardest hitters within the NHL.

8 – Dustin Brown

Another forward helps make the number 8 just right their email list from the top ten hardest hitters within the NHL. Brown is just one of individuals gamers who does not hit because his coach informs him to, or since it is an ideal way to intimidate competitors and switch within the puck. Brown hits while he likes to hit. You will find certain gamers that simply obtain that obtain that violent streak inside them. Coaches love them, and gamers hate to manage them. Dustin Brown is just one of individuals men.

7 – Mike Komisarek

This tough-as-nails Montreal Canadiens’ defenseman really arrived to their own earlier this season. The Habs gave Hamrlik and Markov the large money, but Komisarek was the Canadiens’ best blueliner this season, along with a large reason for your may be the violence factor he’s around the ice. Hard charging forwards attempting to gain entrance towards the Montreal zone could be crushed whenever they enter on Komisarek’s side from the ice. Komisarek is willing to support it if stated forward takes exception towards the crushing. Together with being among the hardest hitters within the NHL, he is among the league’s respected martial artists. Komisarek is simply one large bundle of mean.

6 – Alexander Ovechkin

It isn’t frequently that you will begin to see the Art Ross trophy champion on a listing from the top ten hardest hitters within the NHL, but Alexander Ovechkin has proven throughout his brief NHL career he won’t be intimidated, and then any defenseman that attempts to keep him from the score sheet if you attempt to dominate him physically will find themself around the losing finish of lots of highlight reel bodychecks. Ovechkin is indeed a complete package, reminiscent somewhat of the guy named Cam Neely.

5 – Todd Bertuzzi

He does not show it very frequently any longer, however this tank of the guy, when like doing so, is an from the top ten hardest hitters within the NHL. Prior to the infamous Steve Moore incident Bertuzzi wasn’t shy about tossing his weight around, causing terrible damage to the physiques of defensemen like Barret Jackman and Chris Chelios. His sheer size and the mean streak made him a nightmare for just about any defenseman attempting to stop Large Bert from dealing with where he took it.

4 – Niklas Kronvall

Though some claim Kronvall has been groomed being an heir to Nicklas Lidstrom, the comparison is probably not quite accurate. Kronvall is much more physical than his Swedish countryman, and the timing being an open ice hitter resembles those of Scott Stevens. Throughout Detroit’s playoff run this spring, Kronvall offered notice around the world he is among the hardest hitters within the NHL and will also be a pressure to become believed with for many years.

3 – Anton Volchenkov

Though definitely not fancy around the offensive side from the puck Anton Volchenkov is really a coach’s dream within the defensive finish. Not just is he the very best shot blocker within the league, but he is among the NHL’s most devastating hitters, routinely crushing competitors evening in and evening out. The Senators was once referred to as a soft team to experience against, however with 2 records among the list of the very best 10 hardest hitters within the NHL nobody is giving them a call soft any longer.

2 – Dion Phaneuf

This brash youthful Calgary Flame joined the league with nearly as much fanfare as Crosby and Ovechkin. The fervor wasn’t because of his considerable offensively capabilities in the back finish, but due to his practice of delivering thundering bodychecks of highlight reel quality. Phaneuf terrorized opposing gamers throughout his junior career, and wasn’t intimidated whatsoever as he made the jump towards the NHL, ongoing his hard-striking ways from the males from the NHL.

1 – Zdeno Chara

When you’re 6’9″ tall and 260 pounds it’s virtually assured you will find yourself somewhere among the list of the very best 10 hardest hitters within the NHL. But when you set inside a nasty streak miles wide you’ve virtually assured yourself the most important place. Request any forward within the Eastern Conference which NHL defenseman they least enjoy facing, and you will find Chara right towards the top of a lot of their lists too. Chara appears like a guy playing among boys more often than not, which mean, rugged d-guy is not afraid to make use of his size to his advantage. Certainly the hardest hitter within the NHL.

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