Popular top 10 hottest male tennis players


This year the most effective men’s players are actually shaking their funds makers in ways than the usual single. But who’s typically the most popular? Select from your top.

These men’re selected in the very best, most handsome and lots of media friendly quantity of tennis players using this season.

In the event you check this out years tennis coverage who’ve you seen most likely probably the most of in non-sports articles&hellip Fernando Verdasco and Rafael Nadal. Carefully inside it inside the &lsquohot’ rankings, too as with no particular order, include Tommy Haas, Novak Djokovic, Tomas Berdych, Tommy Robredo, Richard Gasquet, Roger Federer and Jo Wilfried Tsonga

1 &ndash Fernando Verdasco

Fernando remains everywhere this year from New York’s Met Gala to Calvin Klein’s latest ad campaign X Marks The Area. Fernando may have stood a lack luster partner for the season but he wins the primary place purely due to his coverage and also the rippling muscles that have been so regularly displayed this year.

Verdasco narrowly missed on being qualified for your year finish finals london despite presently sitting at number 9 all over the world rankings.

Up to now this season the Spaniard has mentioned two game game titles (Barcelona and San Jose) and been runner up two occasions (Nice Monte Carlo)

2 &ndash Rafael Nadal

The earth # 1 cannot be over searched for the amount two position, even if you discount the fact he’s my very own favourite. The recently released shirtless photo of Nadal in jeans (see left) is enough cause even if you exclude his impressive, and often shirtless, appearance in Shakira’s Gypsy video and a lot of other media obligations this year.

Nadal remains decorated throughout our personal computers and magazines this year, showing up frequently beside his family and girlfriend Xisca Perello along with his many trophies in addition to showing up for magazines for instance Holla! and SoBeFit.

This year Rafael has mentioned 7 game game titles (French and US Open, Wimbledon, Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid, Toyko) and been runner in a single tournament (Doha) &ndash The man has simply been easy.

On his breaks from his hefty schedule Rafa was frequently seen experiencing beaches of Mallorca with pals and family.

Nadal mentioned three consecutive Grand Jams this season, an activity Federer themselves hasn’t handled in the calender year, although finishing employment Grand Slam within the tender ages of 24. It has been a amazing year for your The the spanish language language # 1 considering 2009 was this kind of disaster for Rafa with plenty of injuries that introduced to him being unable to safeguard his Wimbledon title rather than winning only one match finally years season ending finals. Nadal has redeemed themselves as well as the everybody loves him with this.

3 &ndash Feliciano Lopez

Using what models out a thrilling The the spanish language language top three, Feliciano Lopez is way better recognized for his pretty boy and play boy ways than he his for his tennis ability. No matter this Lopez mentioned his first title in 6 years in Gauteng taken.

It absolutely was furthermore an active year for Feli round the personal front. Of course he and Fernando may be taken photos of shirtless round the beaches regularly but additionally, he was more contained in media than previously while using explosive demise of his relationship with Maria Jose Suarez.

Maria Jose claims Feliciano was the dad from the child she introduced before she was three several days along. She claims he wouldn’t speak with her and cheated on her behalf account regularly over 5 years. He claims there’s no baby which each of them cheated on each other. She aborted the little one and was broadly belittled within the the spanish language language media for the way she handled the issue. Because of his tumultuous sex existence Feli remains much more about our radar than in the past&hellip and enables be realistic the man is of interest.

4 &ndash Novak Djokovic

Novak has fought and lifted his game with the season whilst getting a bit of fun in route. Recently in Paris he got fitted around enter in the court for Halloween and earlier around he gained thousands of people laugh at Hit fr Haiti australia wide because he started rubbing Rafa Nadal’s leg and becoming his trainer. He then stuffed his clothes with towels to look like the Michelin tyre guy after being almost hit getting a balls. Before extended he and Nadal were thumping chests and becoming an excellent laugh.

Djokovic known since the Joker on court but he’s also struggle his allergic responses and fought against against difficulties with his really grab employment high ranking of two a few occasions the summer season. Since proclaiming his only Grand Slam title within the 2008 Australian Open, Novak remains belittled due to not recapturing that form and neglecting to actually pressure Nadal and Federer. However, this year Novak has pressed and stays getting mad within their heels, unable to separate the two top ballers for nearly any lots of time period.

This year Djokovic mentioned two game game titles (Dubai, Beijing) and was runner up two occasions, once to Federer so when to Nadal at Basel as well as the US Open.

Novak, who may model sometimes, may have his first match within the London season finals against fellow pretty boy Tomas Berdych. After London Novak will represent Serbia inside the Davis Cup finals.

5 &ndash Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

6 &ndash Richard Gasquet

In fifth and sixth position must come french boys Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Richard Gasquet. Hilariously both boys are actually pictured dancing shirtless on stage in the club in Romania alongside a couple of from the clubs women.

Gasquet, unhealthy boy of those two, returned for the circuit this year carrying out a length suspension as they were investigated for cocaine use they credited to kissing a mysterious girl named Pamela in Miami. The amount of cocaine found was something similar to a little suspicion &ndash almost enough being minor, almost enough to complete his career.

Tsonga, however, is way better recognized for his contagious smile and victory bounce. Despite his season ending early after he re-inflammed a knee injuries, Tsonga is an admirer favourite.

7 &ndash Tommy Robredo

As anyone who has caught a train with Robredo fitted up for just about any football match in Madrid I can help you understand guy can be very attractive, to the level where I, always a Robredo fan, really was shocked by his piercing blue eyes and great body.

Tommy is surely a regular player on tour but has fought to destroy the hugely and stick out of the very gifted and handsome (and media friendly) quantity of top The the spanish language language players.

It’s been an average year for your Spaniard that’s represented by his ranking &ndash 50.

8 &ndash Tomas Berdych

Tomas Berdych has burst onto people radar’s this year, finally fullfilling his potential. He’s always had the sport but never handled to string it altogether before and extremely finish the complement victory. This year his noticably scalp was individuals of Federer at Wimbledon, enabling Berdych to fight his approach to the finals where he was defeated by Nadal.

Berdych also made the semi’s, and almost won, in the French Open. Due to his success, Berdych makes his distance to the most effective ten and the first time within the career he’s set to produce his debut inside the tour finals london.

The man within the Czech Republic has quickly be considered a fan favourite after making two finals this year (Wimbledon and Miami), and become well-loved by female fans for his appearance and incredibly apparent blue eyes.

9 &ndash Tommy Haas

Coming at number 9 might be the attractive German-come-American and recent first-time father Tommy Haas. Despite the fact that Tommy has spent a lot of the year out recouping from stylish surgery and knee tendinitis he is surely a popular while using fans and proven to model regularly, sometimes with partner Sara Promote.

While Haas and Promote are yet to announce the title from the daughter, Haas has ongoing to become inside the mind lines for his various injuries, his application (and finally success) as being a u . s . states citizen too for his personal existence. Tommy will finish the season ranked 372 determination great comeback a year ago just before getting hurt again.

10 &ndash Roger Federer

I don’t think anyone can deny that Federer has received a effective year, even if it is not by his high standards. Federer started the season getting a band, proclaiming the Australian Open despite the fact that he might possibly not have mentioned many game game titles throughout the summer season prior to the past few days Federer has still been a ongoing fan favourite.

Federer was recently selected (again) fan favourite round the ATP World Tour. Federer also became a member of a very exclusive quantity of males who’ve won Grand Jams as fathers this year. He’s also done extensive media work and marketing occasions for his many sponsors.

Federer may have hopped around inside the rankings this year but he’s now firmly in place inside the 2 position behind Nadal and contains mentioned 4 game game titles this season (Australian Open, Basel, Stockholm, Cincinnati).

07 Popular top 10 hottest male tennis players