Popular top 10 mlb defensive plays


Baseball history continues to be full of famous homer shots, brilliant pitching performances, not to mention, fantastic defensive plays.

Within the postseason, things are magnified and each play assumes a larger significance, so when a player does something truly special it isn’t just celebrated and outlined, in some instances it’s etched within our reminiscences forever.

How wonderful a specific play could be measured diversely by differing people and there’s always likely to be some subjectivity towards the process. Only one criteria with all of ten of those plays is that they came around the grandest stage in baseball, the postseason.

Produce other web gems been better throughout history? Possibly, but the truth that these came at such critical moments make sure they are even more incredible.

So, without further ado, let us reach it!

10. Walt Weiss, 1999 NLDS Game 3

Shortstop Walt Weiss made an amazing diving stop using the bases loaded from the Astros to maintain a match the foot of the tenth inning from the 1999 2010 nfl playoffs. Weiss and the Braves continued to win the overall game in 12 innings enroute around the world Series.

Weiss ranged difficult to his left, dove to his stomach and put by to obtain the pressure out. After the overall game, Weiss stated the ball nearly ripped the glove off his hands.

Weiss never was a hitter, but he was referred to as a defensive wizard. But he earned a pricey error within the 1988 World Series in Game Four that permitted the Dodgers to win the Series in five games. So, this play assisted atone for your error, although it was a long time later.

9. Ivan Rodriguez, 2003 NLDS Game 4

I-Fishing rod designed a staunch heady play at the dish within the 2003 2010 nfl playoffs and ended the series by possessing the ball inside a collision with J.T. Snow. Good throw, excellent tag along with what a thrilling method to finish a playoff series.

8. Willy Tavares 2007 NLCS Game 2

You most likely don’t have any recollection of the play since nobody outdoors of Colorado or Arizona cared, but Taveras’ catch really was something worth watching. Tavares covered lots of ground within the time that it required him to operate lower Tony Clark’s attempt for an additional base hit.

It had been an excellent play in Colorado’s 3-2 win within the league championship series in ’07.

7. Jim Edmonds, 2004 NLCS Game 7

It was a play that Edmonds made appear almost routine throughout his career, but that one was special since it happened throughout the league championship series.

By slowly destroying Kaira Ausmus, Edmonds assisted keep your Cardinals close because they returned to win the overall game 5-2. Them continued around the world Series, despite the fact that they eventually lost to Boston, they might not have even managed to get there without it catch.

6. Ron Swoboda, Mets, 1969 World Series

Brooks Robinson would be a good hitter but it is his defense that gained him a location within the Hall of Fame. Referred to as finest defensive third baseman in baseball history, Robinson frequently saved his best product for that spotlight. Therefore it was ironic that this time around an excellent defensive play went against him!

Within the ’69 World Series, the Cubs, er, I am talking about, the Mets (Freudian slip) were playing the Baltimore Orioles. In game four around the globe Series, Robinson hit a sinking line drive to right that Swoboda dove and caught. While Frank Robinson labeled and obtained, Boog Powell was stranded and also the Mets continued to win 2-10 % innings.

Read this quote from USAToday.com:

“Which was the finest catch I’ve ever observed,” former Met Cleon Johnson stated inside a 1994 interview. “I saw Mays’ become popular film, but Swoboda’s was the finest I ever observed.”

5. Joe Rudi, A’s, 1972 World Series

In game two 1972 World Series, A’s outfielder Joe Rudi rose the wall at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati to take advantage of Denis Menke of the potential game-tying double.

Concord continued to win 2-1.

A lot for ‘white males can’t jump!’

4. Brooks Robinson, Orioles, 1970 World Series

At Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati in game among the ’70 World Series, Brooks Robinson designed a diving stop which i still remember strongly even today, despite the fact that I had been a really youthful kid at that time.

The Reds’ Lee May hit a screaming high bouncer to 3rd, Robinson entered foul territory behind third base and put out May having a one-hop throw to first baseman Boog Powell. The Orioles won 4-3.

Based on USAToday.com: “Robinson told author John Eisenberg in 33rd St. to Camden Yards, “I’d never designed a play like this. More often than not, when you backhand the ball, you catch it, stop, plant, and then try to obtain the good, lengthy, throw. That one, I simply first got it … after which went ahead and put it and something-returned it to Boog (Powell).”

3. Derek Jeter “The Switch”

It had been game three from the ALDS within the Concord Coliseum. The Yankees were leading 1- within the seventh inning with two outs. Terrence Lengthy hit a lining lower the best area line and also the outfielder, Shane Spencer, overthrew two cutoff males.

Jeter snapped up the ball and backhanded it to catcher Jorge Posada, who labeled the runner out by an eye lash at the dish.

Based on Wikipedia, “Facing elimination, the Yankees continued to win the overall game, along with the series. The play was later chosen #7 in Baseball Weekly’s 10 Most Amazing Plays ever.Inch

2. Willie Mays “The IssueInch

On September 29, 1954, throughout Game one of the 1954 World Series between your New You are able to Titans and also the Cleveland Indians in the Polo Grounds in New You are able to, Willie Mays made what’s become known simply as “The Issue.Inch

Vic Wertz hit a ball about 420 ft, however in the spacious Polo Grounds Mays made an on-the-go beyond-the-shoulder become popular the warning track, he then immediately spun and put the ball, stopping the runner on second from scoring.

The play avoided the Indians from using the lead and, towards the bottom from the tenth, the Titans won the overall game enroute to sweeping the Series. The Issue is frequently regarded as among the best and many memorable plays within the good reputation for baseball due to the problem from the play and the significance of the overall game itself.

1. Devon White 1992 World Series in Toronto

The truth that I’m not a Blue Jays fan yet I still don’t forget this catch is a good example of how great this catch truly was.

In Game three of the ’92 World Series, Blue Jays center fielder Devon White made the finest catch I’ve ever observed, slowly destroying David Justice of the two-run double.

Believe it or not a specialist than Dodger legendary broadcaster Vin Scully had this to state, as ESPN’s Jayson Stark reported within an article in 2004.

“I saw Mays’ catch,” Scully stated. “And that one, in my experience, was better.

“The large factor with Mays,” Scully continued, “was he were built with a wide-open area. He did not need to be worried about the wall. And that is a significant concern. So I am inclined to consider that White’s catch may have been much better than Mays’.”

Mays’ catch was great meaning he traveled this type of lengthy method of getting towards the ball. The over-the-shoulder basket catch wasn’t something you saw very frequently in individuals days but is a little more commonplace now.

And also the subsequent spin-around-and-throw was spectacular. Wait, am I quarrelling for or against Mays’ catch being No. 1? Well, it’s close but I’ll take this catch because the best ever.

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