Popular Top 10 MLB Free Agents in 2009


As the 2009 MLB Free Agent market might not be as deep because it was in 2008, you will find still some gifted gamers that’ll be searching for new houses.

Manny Ramirez might be a free agent if his 2010 choice is rejected, however the following 10 gamers is going to be drawing probably the most interest from teams this offseason.

10. Adrian Beltre

It appears like just yesterday, Beltre smashed 50 homers for that Dodgers. Soon after obscure seasons in Dallas, Beltre is going to be searching for a brand new spot to hit the lengthy ball.

9. Brad Cent

You will find occasions whenever you watch Brad Penny pitch and also you think he is the greatest pitcher in baseball. Then you will find occasions like early in 2009 when he isn’t even sufficiently good to placed on the mound.

Someone will take a risk on Penny, and in the best situation he could be a solid No. 2 or No. 3.

8. Jason Marquis

During the last couple of seasons, Jason Marquis is a solid pitcher in the main leagues. You will see between five and 10 teams who’ll want this person in their rotation in 2010.

7. Johnny Damon

It appears like whenever a team doubts Damon, he surprises again. The Yankees attempted to exchange him with Melky Cabrera after which Nick Swisher.

Damon is nice having a softball bat in his hands and it is a typical fielder, but he is a champion everywhere he’s gone (except Might, but who are able to blame him for your?).

6. Hideki Matsui

Hideki Matsui now has wrinkles. Hideki Matsui has bad knees. But Hideki Matsui can continue to hit.

The Planet Series MVP is going to be searching for a location to reside in, and when he is able to land in the American League, someone will grab a really capable designated hitter.

5. Chone Figgins

Chone Figgins may be the type of player that everybody wants on their own team. Figgins is a superb base runner, excellent fielder, along with a clutch hitter.

The Angels success in the past few seasons could be associated with what lengths Figgins originates like a player.

4. Fernando Rodney

2 yrs ago, fans from the Detroit Tigers figured Fernando Rodney was on his way out of the door, changed by Joel Zumaya.

Ever since then, Zumaya has remained around the disabled list and Rodney continues to be shutting the doorway on opposing teams. Scoring 37 saves in 2009 will heighten the pay day for Rodney this off-season.

3. Matt Holliday

Probably the most well-traveled gamers during the last couple of seasons will travel once again this off-season.

Matt Holliday what food was in home in Colorado, but was shipped to Concord last off-season after which to St. Louis in This summer. Most likely Holliday will put on a 4th different uniform in 2010.

2. Jason Bay

Jason Bay would be a productive player in Pittsburgh, but nobody might have predicted the offensive success he’d have in Boston.

Bay has cemented themself because the top offense available this off-season. Bay is becoming among the best run producers in the main leagues.

1. John Lackey

As they isn’t any CC Sabathia, John Lackey may be the prize of the free agent class. Lackey is really a proven staff ace who’ll generate the greatest contract this off-season.

After several strong seasons using the Angels, Lackey may be the next in a major way pitcher to mind towards the New England.

Popular top mlb free agents in1 Popular Top 10 MLB Free Agents in 2009

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