Popular Top 10 MLB Stars Who Have Signed for Less Than Market Value


When Cliff Lee signed using the Philadelphia Phillies for 5 years and $120 million the 2009 offseason, he left some money and a few years up for grabs.

The Texas Rangers and the brand new You are able to Yankees both would have given Lee more income and seven years on the contract.

But Lee felt much more comfortable in Philadelphia, so he gave them a price reduction (though when you are over $100 million, what’s it matter if one makes an additional $ten million?).

Lee certainly is not the very first baseball player who leaves money up for grabs throughout contract discussions.

Listed here are the very best 10 Mlb gamers ever who have signed for less than these were worth.

10. Mike Lowell

Lowell required a price reduction to remain using the Boston Red-colored Sox back prior to the 2008 season.

He signed a 3-year, $37.5 million contract with Boston rather than a four-year, $50 million contract using the Philadelphia Phillies.

Looking back, the Phillies ought to be glad Lowell remained in Boston, since he just upon the market after his three-year deal was up.

He’s been much less productive yesteryear two seasons.

9. Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell

Biggio and Bagwell, the “Killer B’s,” defined a period for the Houston Astros.

Their selflessness and working together assisted result in the early 2000s probably the most prosperous occasions in Astro history.

Both of them could have made more income when they had left the reduced budget Astros, but neither of the two desired to leave something they’d labored so difficult to produce.

8. Kirby Puckett

When Puckett signed a five-year, $$ 30 million contract in 1992, it had been the 2nd best contract in baseball history.

He could have done better still if he’d signed using the Mets, Yankees or Red-colored Sox, but he loved playing in Minnesota.

Out of the box the situation with lots of gamers about this list, loyalty came before riches if this found signing a brand new contract.

7. Mariano Rivera

Mo was offered a ton of cash through the Boston Red-colored Sox this offseason, but remained in keeping with the Yankee pinstriping.

The sale in the Yankees was less money, although not an insult by stretch from the imagination. It had been a really fair deal for each side.

He could have gone for the cash, but he made a decision to remain in New You are able to, the town where he earned a title for themself among the best closers ever.

6. Tony Gwynn

Despite the fact that he’d a absurdly high batting average, Tony Gwynn only made about $4.5 million each year.

That appears type of low for a man who finished his career with more than 3,000 hits, right?

The main reason for that’s Gwynn was not going to leave North Park, and almost every other team within the league understood that, so that they never made offers for him.

Therefore, he was compensated regardless of the Padres felt was fair.

5. Chipper Johnson

Inside a story on ESPN.com, Jones described why he did not leave Atlanta to consider more income elsewhere:

“Nowadays, a lot of gamers play the overall game for the first and 15th [pay days], however i never have,” he stated. “Certainly, I wish to be paid out fairly for things i do, however i wasn’t likely to contain the organization on the barrel. And Irrrve never thought about being a person who makes a lot money that people can’t stay competitive around the area. Which was my primary concern.”

That virtually covers Chipper Jones like a ballplayer and an individual.

4. Ken Griffey, Jr.

Griffey could have made into the millions dollars more if he’d signed having a team other than the Cincinnati Yellows.

But, he wanted to experience for the Yellows since this is the team he was raised around throughout his father’s days in Cincy.

So, he gave the Yellows a price reduction (though he still signed a nine-year, $116.5 million contract).

Thus started nine injuries affected seasons for Junior.

3. Mark McGwire

When McGwire was exchanged in the Concord A’s towards the St. Louis Cardinals, he wanted to showcase his talents for the relaxation from the National League so he could sign a lucrative deal with a brand new team that offseason.

But, he fell deeply in love with St. Louis.

So, as they could have signed a absurd contract with whatever team he wanted, he decided on a reasonable cope with the Cardinals.

The relaxation is history.

2. Cliff Lee

Yes, Lee could have signed using the Yankees or Rangers for yet another year and more guaranteed money.

But, he chose to return to the town where he felt probably the most comfortable: Philadelphia.

Now, he’s a part of among the best rotations in the recent past with Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels.

1. Albert Pujols

4 years after Alex Rodriguez signed his 10-year, $252 million cope with the Texas Rangers, Albert Pujols signed a seven-year, $100 million contract using the St. Louis Cardinals.

Pujols certainly could have become more income if he desired to leave St. Louis. Also, he most likely could have squashed more income in the Cardinals if he desired to.

But, he made a decision to sign an acceptable deal to remain using the team that gave him his shot.

Following the 2011 season, his contract is going to be up again. Just how much does it cost for the Cardinals to help keep Pujols this time around?

Popular Top 10 MLB Stars Who Have Signed for Less Than Market Value1 Popular Top 10 MLB Stars Who Have Signed for Less Than Market Value

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