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Many players within the league have effective uppercut swings made to hit 40-plus home runs per season, but what 10 players possess the type of smooth, level cut that will make sure they are untrained tennis talents?

We’ll start with a few honorable mentions, although gamers which are no more active, after which we’ll begin the countdown from No. 10 to No. one in the very best MLB swings that may translate to Wimbledon Success.

So, which baseball gamers might have been tearing up a clay court or grass court rather than a gemstone or stadium?

And which men might have excelled both in tennis and America’s Pastime?

Let us begin&hellip

10. Alex Rodriguez

A-Fishing rod needs to be about this list, no matter the skeletons in the closet.

Rodriguez comes with an incredibly smooth swing within the majors, and there is without doubt that he or she is effective on the tennis court too.

It really wouldn’t surprise me one bit if your-Fishing rod acquired a racket every every now and then and blasted balls effortlessly.

Only one factor is for certain: A-Fishing rod will be a damn good tennis player, and the swing could EASILY transpire into Wimbledon success.

9. Manny Ramirez

Good ole Manny Ramirez or Manny being Manny because they prefer to say.

Once more, though&mdashand no matter a not-so-picture-perfect-past, Ramirez warrants to be this top ten listing of MLB gamers with swings that may translate to Wimbledon success.

Ramirez includes a perfectly-defined swing, and that he hits base hits and homers effortlessly.

Could Manny make a great tennis player?

Absolutely, but I am sure he’s more happy in baseball.

There’d be no Manny Land in Wimbledon, a minimum of I do not think there’d be&hellip

8. Alfonso Soriano

Let me know I’m wrong for putting Alfonso Soriano about this list, and that i can provide you with numerous reasons why he ought to be at No. 8.

Soriano needs to have among the best swings within the majors, and it is fairly foreseeable to state he’d be very effective on the tennis court too.

Consider a racket in the hands rather than a bit of lumber, and consider the harm he might cause in Wimbledon.

Next match: Roger Federer versus. Alfonso Soriano&hellip

7. Joe Mauer

This man’s swing is super sweet.

Joe Mauer makes America’s Pastime look as easy as tee-ball.

And the swing is almost picture perfect once we get closer and closer to the peak five spots about this list.

Mauer could easily mash the snot from balls, and that i could anticipate him very easily being very effective in Wimbledon action.

Would you need to go facing Mauer inside a singles match at Wimbledon?

I understand I would not, and I am sure he’d most likely give a number of tennis’ most awesome sports athletes a scare having a racket.

6. Nomar Garciaparra

I understand Nomar Garciaparra isn’t an energetic player within the majors, however i absolutely cannot leave him off their list&mdashI’ve instantly given him an offer towards the large dance having a No. 6 seed.

Garciaparra needs to have among the best swings to ever come in America’s Pastime.

And there is without doubt i believe whatsoever he might have been a really effective tennis player.

Additionally, he is just one of only 13 MLB gamers to knock two grand jams in one game&mdashand he’s the only person to do this in your own home.

Who’s ready for any Wimbledon complement Garciaparra?

5. Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton continues to be a complete stud while at bat since putting on a Texas Rangers uniform.

And he has got among the best swings in baseball undoubtedly.

A 2-time All-Star in addition to a 2008 Silver Slugger champion, I’d like to see Hamilton toughing up competitors having a tennis racket.

Could Hamilton be as effective in Wimbledon because he is incorporated in the majors?

This is a tough call, there is however without doubt he might make some major noise in tennis.

With this kind of swing, how may you deny it?

I understand I will not&hellip

4. Chipper Johnson

Chipper Jones.

I still remember as being a kid and collecting cards, and I’ll always remember obtaining a signed Chipper Jones card in the first 90′s and wondering: Who the heck is Chipper Jones?

If I’d only known the forever Atlanta Brave will be a future MLB star.

(Like a side note, I am confident I have that signed Chipper baseball card somewhere I’m going to check though).

Jones needs to be considered a no-doubter top 5 jerk within the group of sweet and level swings.

He is doing so with your ease it honestly looks easy and Mlb is Not even close to easy.

Give Jones a tennis racket, watching the man destroy competitors with simplicity in Wimbledon.

I’d like to view it&hellip

3. John Olerud

I understand John Olerud is yet another FORMER major leaguer, there is however not a way I could not include him within the top three about this list.

Browse the numerous pictures of him on the Search and let me know when you discover a photograph of Olerud by having an uneven swing.

The man seemed to be a stud defensively, winning three Gold Glove honours who performed for five teams&mdashincluding both New You are able to Yankees (2004) and also the Boston Red-colored Sox (2005) prior to making the official retirement announcement on December 6, 2005.

But tend to Olerud happen to be a star in Wimbledon together with his swing?

Personally, I’d agree&mdashabsolutely.

2. B.J. Upton

The funny factor is the fact that both B.J. Upton and the brother, Justin, have incredible swings in Mlb.

But B.J. Upton’s is far above excellent.

Particularly when speaking about smooth, level swings within the majors.

Presently playing for that Polk Bay Sun rays, Upton hit for that cycle on October 2, 2009.

And i’m 100 % sure that Upton will be a star in Wimbledon action too.

Just provide the guy a tennis racket and allow him to visit town.

The remarkable eye-hands coordination and super strong swing already are picture perfect, therefore it wouldn’t take much molding to create Upton an excellent stud in Wimbledon.

Trust me?

1. Ken Griffey, Jr.

Personally, i can’t think about a more gratifying, more level swing in Mlb than the best Ken Griffey, Jr.

And That I know he’s upon the market, but could anybody think about a more gratifying swing that Griffey Junior’s?

A star at both plate as well as in the area of play, Griffey honestly made the overall game of baseball seem like grade school.

And the swing? Superb.

Wimbledon success? Without doubt.

Actually, I wager Griffey could still play some tennis.

My little brother’s favorite baseball player becoming an adult as kids, I’m able to honestly say certainly that Griffey Junior has got the best swing ever in America’s Pastime.

Popular top 10 mlb swings1 Popular top 10 mlb swings

Ken Griffey Jr.

Hands lower&hellip

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