Popular Top 10 Moments of the 2007-2008 NHL Season: No.1


These acer notebooks highlighting the top 10 moments of earlier this NHL season. Goals, pretty plays, hits, fights, and screw-ups, you will see all of them.

March 21, 2008: Alexander Ovechkin hits number 60.

This should not be a surprise to anybody. You may make a top 10 highlight reel every season with only this man’s plays on it. Alexander Ovechkin has totally changed the way hockey is performed.

He alone, may be worth the cost of admission to a game. Sidney Crosby might be the NHL’s favourite player, but Ovechkin is unquestionably a player of the people. Beautiful goals, bone crushing hits, great stick handling, and passionate festivities are a part of his daily game routine.

About this evening, the Winnipeg Jets were going to the Atlanta Thrashers, with Ovechkin sitting on 58 goals. Alexander the Great has punished the Thrashers throughout his career, setting up 14 goals and 11 assists in 12 games versus Atlanta.

It appeared fitting for him to achieve the 60-goal plateau today. With only under five minutes to play in the first period, Alex takes a pass from Niklas Backstrom inside the Thrasher zone.

Like he’s done this many occasions, he cuts to the right, waits a little, and fires it home. There’s number 59, with a second goal to surely come. Down three-one out of the third period, Ovechkin buries a rebound off a Mike Eco-friendly slapshot.

There it’s. He becomes the first 60-goal scorer in 12 years. The before a player obtained 60 goals was at the 1995-1996 season, when Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr both made it happen for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

“It certainly is fun to score goals, particularly when this is an important game,” Ovechkin stated. “I love playing within this building.”

Ovechkin would add two assists, giving him four points, as the Capitals made the comeback to beat Atlanta five-three. It was one of the many games Washington won down the stretch to make the postseason.

Only time will tell the other records the great eight is certainly going to break. For the time being, we are able to just continue to enjoy the unmatched effort he brings on the ice every evening.

That will it in my series of the top 10 moments from the past NHL season. Thank you for reading through, and I think you’ll all loved it.

10) October 15, 2007: McCabe scores&mdashon himself.

9) March 6, 2008: Riley Cote knocks out Andre Roy.

8) December 7, 2007: Dominik Hasek makes Marian Gaborik flip out.

7) The month of january 15, 2008: Tic, tac, toe.

6) The month of january 1, 2008: A classic finish.

5) February 19, 2008: Five down, five to go.

4) October 19, 2007: Jonathan Toews makes his presence felt.

3) The month of january 17, 2008: Wealthy Nash comes through in the clutch.

2) December 20, 2007: Marian Gaborik nets five.