Popular Top 10 Moments of the 2007-2008 NHL Season: No.2


These acer notebooks highlighting the top 10 moments of earlier this NHL season. Goals, pretty plays, hits, fights, and screw-ups, you will see all of them.

December 20, 2007: Marian Gaborik nets five.

After playing under 70 games each of the last 3 years, Marian Gaborik made an appearance in 77 games this season. He totalled 42 goals together with 41 assistants, both career levels. Surprisingly, 11 percent of his goals happened in a single game.

The Minnesota Wild were hosting the New You are able to Rangers and Gaborik already had a natural hat-trick inside of 26 minutes. Using more than half the game still to go, why hold on there? He’d add two more goals in the third period, giving him five goals as well as an help in a six-three Wild win.

Two of his goals came by batting the puck out of the air. Another two came courtesy of great goes by teammates. The fifth and final goal came on a breakaway, that is fitting.

“Once I acquired five goals after i was playing home for a professional club back there, but case completely different,Inch Gaborik stated. “You score five goals in the NHL it is simply a completely different experience. To achieve it here with one of these men in-front of our fans is simply unbelievable.”

It had been the first five-goal outing since Sergei Federov made it happen for the Detroit Red-colored Wings on December 26, 1996, within an overtime win against the Winnipeg Jets. The last player to internet five in regulation was Mario Lemieux on March 26, 1996, versus the St.Louis Blues.

After I was youthful, I recall seeing Federov’s five-goal game. I did not see the goals, I simply saw the five next to his title on the stat sheet. It was the very first time I’d seen a player score five goals live.

Marian Gaborik is a of the most harmful offensive gamers in the league. The Wild need to do all they are able to to hang on to the Slovak.

10) October 15, 2007: McCabe scores&mdashon himself.

9) March 6, 2008: Riley Cote knocks out Andre Roy.

8) December 7, 2007: Dominik Hasek makes Marian Gaborik flip out.

7) The month of january 15, 2008: Tic, tac, toe.

6) The month of january 1, 2008: A classic finish.

5) Feb 19, 2008: Five down, five to go.

4) October 19, 2007: Jonathan Toews makes his presence felt.

3) The month of january 17, 2008: Wealthy Nash comes through in the clutch.