Popular Top 10 NBA Champions of the Decade


Counting lower the top ten NBA Champions of the Decade.

I had been watching the NFL’s America’s Game and that i desired to do an NBA kind of version of it.

Teams which have won the NBA title

10. 2006 Miami Warmth

I believe people know why this team is tenth on the list. Having a regular season record of 52-30 and the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference this
team wasn’t really that dominant.

Lots of people felt that the Dallas Mavericks were the better team, and the Mavericks were the 4th seed in the Western Conference plus they were the ones who had home court advantage in the Finals. By having an aging Shaq and Alonzo Mourning, D-Wade really transported this team to victory.

Without Wade’s performance, Shaq wouldn’t never got his 4th ring and GP and Mourning will not have become their first title.

9. 2008 Boston Celtics

Yeah I am putting them at ninth a couple of reasons. I’m a Opposing team fan and that i will admit this team was good coupled with a dominant defense. I figured
this team would win 70 games in the regular season, however they were pressed to the limit in the 2010 nfl playoffs, letting the lowly Atlanta Hawks to a game title 7.

These were 16-10 in the 2010 nfl playoffs plus they only won 3 games on the road. Great teams are fight-examined and discover methods to win on the road. Ok last one, they did beat a Lakers’ team without Andrew Bynum along with a healthy Trevor Ariza.

Let me see the Celtics beat the Opposing team in the Finals without Kevin Garnett.

8. 2002 La Opposing team

Everybody takes note of the classic series between the Opposing team and Nobleman in the NBA Western Conference Finals, especially the infamous Game Six.

The referees, or should I only say Tim Donaghy, gave the Opposing team the championship that year but apart from that, these were an excellent team.

7. 2007 Dallas Spurs

I do believe this team was average. They won the championship where there is really no competition in the NBA throughout the 2007 season. This really is most likely the last championship in the Tim Duncan era for the Spurs.

6. 2009 La Opposing team

I felt great for Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant after finally getting their “apes” business back. Phil getting his tenth and Kobe finally winning without Shaq.

This team was good in the regular season, finishing 65-17. The Opposing team taken both the Celtics and Cavaliers in the regular season, finishing just one game off of the best overall record in the NBA.

Lots of people question this team’s defense, however they were very good in the 2010 nfl playoffs aside from the series against Houston. The Miracle didn’t have chance against the Opposing team in the Finals there have been mismatches throughout the place, much like how the Miracle had advantages against the Cavaliers.

Kobe made this team psychologically harder and that he wouldn’t permit this to team lose that year without the championship.

5. 2003 Dallas Spurs

What a method to finish your job having a NBA championship. David Robinson spent his last days with the Spurs that year.

The Spurs had clinched the best record in the NBA having a record of 60-22. They performed with great defense in the 2010 nfl playoffs and lastly beat the protecting champion Opposing team, who had beaten them the previous 2 yrs.

Twin towers fo’ da’ CHAMPIONSHIP!!

4. 2000 La Opposing team

With the Bulls empire ending it had been the beginning of the Shaq and Kobe era.

It was the year Phil Jackson first found La and extremely assisted Kobe and Shaq take their variations aside and mix their talents to win
the title.

3. 2004 Detroit Pistons

Ahh so what can I only say relating to this team. This really is one of my personal favorite teams of all-time. I believe they’d one of the best beginning fives in NBA history.

This really is the team that ended the Shaq and Kobe era, which three previous teams had unsuccessful to complete. This team is actually the definition of working together. These Pistons beat a Laker team with four future Hall of Famers onto it.

This team were built with a bunch of really nobodys and scrapped there method to the top of the NBA with tough blue collar defense. If the team had not beaten the Opposing team I believe they’d have three-peated again.

Chauncey Billups – the leader
Richard Hamilton – introduced the swagger
Tayshaun Prince – mr. reliable
Rasheed Wallace – Attitude
Ben Wallace – Heart and fervour of the team

2. 2005 Dallas Spurs

It was one of the most enjoyable NBA series I have seen. It had been Dallas versus the protecting champs Detroit Pistons for the title. This really is the best Spurs team out of the 3 they have won throughout the their run. I believe it was the best defensive championship team of the decade ahead of the 08 Celtics and the 04 Pistons.

1. 2001 La Opposing team

15-one in the 2010 nfl playoffs, the best of all-amount of time in NBA history.

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