Popular top 10 nba rebounders of all time


If the involves rebounding, it takes a knack for knowing where the ball will bounce and achieving there. Size and may also be most of rebounding the basketball. Here is a listing of the most effective 10 players in rebounding in NBA history. All players that made this list will be in the hall of fame while using exception of the ultimate one.

1. Wilt Chamberlain

Chamberlain was enshrined to the NBA hall of fame in 1979 and stays the only real player to ever score over 100 points inside an NBA game. Chamberlain once averaged 50 points per game with an entire NBA season. Chamberlain leads this list by calculating 22.9 rebounds per game for his career.

2. Bill Russell

Russell was always known to like a great threat rebounding the basketball. Russell was granted having a NBA hall of fame in 1975 and will come in second available by calculating 22.4 rebounds per game for his career.

3. Bob Pettit

Pettit will come in third available and shows us exactly how far the comfort of everybody else is at rebounding compared to Russell and Chamberlain. Pettit was honored just like a hall of fame player in 1971 and averaged 16.2 rebounds per game for his career.

4. Jerry Lucas

Lucas is suitable behind Pettit but got his hall of fame jerk in 1980. Lucas appeared to become efficient at scoring the basketball and take care of off his NBA career by calculating 15.61 rebounds per game.

5. Nate Thurmond

Thurmond sits at fifth available and acquired his nickname of “Nate the truly amazingInch as a great rebounder and scorer for just about any number of different teams. Thurmond completed his career calculating 15 rebounds per game.

6. Wes Unseld

Unseld also carried out for a number of teams and was granted having a hall of fame in 1988. Unseld could grab over 20 boards on the evening and take care of his career sixth round the all time list by calculating 14 rebounds per game.

7. Walt Bellamy

Bellamy will be a rebounding mad guy. Playing in the more up tempo era Bellamy had been capable of average double amounts rebounding the basketball. Bellamy was granted having a hall of fame in 1993. Bellamy hustled and clicked up 13.7 rebounds per game for his career.

8. Dave Cowens

Dave Cowens stood a effective run inside the NBA and was always across the glass. Cowens was recognized for his scoring additionally to his rebounding but helps to make the top by getting a typical of 13.6 rebounds per game.

9. Elgin Baylor

Baylor was granted having a NBA hall of fame in 1977 and averaged 13.5 rebounds per game throughout his illustrious hall of fame career.

10. Dennis Rodman

What can explore find out about this individual? He could rebound in pink hair in blue hair choose he was there through the backboard capable to not only beat anybody for the ball but beat anyone who beat him for the ball. Rodman and also the aggressive play cause him to the lone player inside the top that isn’t inside the NBA hall of fame.

Popular top 10 nba rebounders of all time1 Popular top 10 nba rebounders of all time

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