Popular top 10 nba scorers in history


The NBA has received plenty of scorers over time. High Volume and efficient scorers like Michael Jordan, low volume, inefficient scorers like Allen Iverson, but scorers nonetheless.

Without getting anymore ado, I present the NBA’s top scorers ever.

10: Dominique Wilkins

Career Stats: 26,668 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 24.8 PPG
FG Percentage: 46.one percent
Best Season: 30.3 on 46.8 percent shooting

Dominique Wilkins was one of the games best leapers, in addition to among its finest scorers. While, not incredibly efficient, he shot an excellent 46% throughout his career. He was essentially a dunker, and would be a great scorer within the time.

He’s ranked tenth as they only excelled in one part of the offense: Dunking. His mid-range and extended range shots were average at best, but guy did he stick out at dunking!

9: Julius Erving

Career Stats: 30026 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 24.2 PPG
FG Percentage: fifty percent
Best Season: 31.9 PPG on 49 percent shooting.

Dr. J was the most effective scorers to ever strike a legal court. His drives for the basket were non stop, along with a classic factor of beauty. He’s best-noted for his dunks, they based his offensive game from.

The primary reason he’s so low, is really because he, essentially, appeared to become a 1 trick pony. While his dunks certainly brought for you to get this kind of high FG%, he wasn’t a very over-all player, most particularly, his jump shot didn’t have. With nonetheless, he would be a competent scorer, and presently sits at No. 5 round the ever scoring list.

8: Rick Craig

Career Stats: 25,279 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 24.8 PPG
FG Percentage: 45.six percent
Best Season: 35.6 PPG on 45.one percent

Rick Barry was a great scorer. He made an appearance to be capable of do everything available. He will be a good mid-range shooter, a great outdoors shooter (thirty percent), and an excellent Feet shooter (ninety percent).

Barry was certainly one of the leagues better scorers, which he warrants some recognition. His 35.6 PPG year was brilliant, which he was a thrilling round player.

7: Oscar Robertson

Career Stats: 26,710 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 25.7 PPG
FG %: 48.5%
Best Season: 31.4 PPG on 48.3% shooting

You can’t have a very finest scorers list without any Large O. He probably is regarded as the over-all player ever. He certainly had a number of ways of scoring you. He will be a large guy, yet he could still drive for the ring all of you game extended. He could shoot, drive, dunk, lay it in, he’d a significant large repertoire.

His 31.4 ppg season may have been a 40 ppg season were he not this kind of team player. He certainly could score in bunches, but he isn’t most likely probably the most gifted of scorers. This is why he only ranked 7.

6: George Gervin

Career Stats: 25,595 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 25.1 PPG
FG Percentage: fifty percent
Best Season: 33.1 PPG on 52 percent shooting

George “Iceman” Gervin would be a great scorer. He certainly could score in bunches, combined using the talent to accomplish anything he wanted in the overall game. He would be a competent scorer, and extremely effective.

Gervin presently ranks thirteenth round the ever scorers list, and also the 25.1 ppg are perfect for anybody. His game was just about all round, he just wasn’t a great 3pt shooter (27%).

5: Jerry West

Career Stats: 25,192 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 27 PPG
FG Percentage: 47 percent
Best Season: 31.3 PPG on 47.three percent shooting

The Logo design design. Mr. Clutch. The most effective players, and scorers to ever lace them up. Jerry West was truly Mr. Clutch. He managed to get happen all: lay ups, mid-range shot, close range shot etc. He certainly stood a good touch while using basketball, which he simply understood the best way to score.

One factor though, we don’t know how he might have been just like the 3 pt line implemented. His game was over-all for his time, while not for contemporary occasions. Still, an excellent scorer in any era.

4: Kobe Bryant

Career Stats: 25,790 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 25.3 PPG
FG Percentage: 46 percent
Best Season: 35.4 PPG on 45 percent shooting

Kobe Bryant may be the almost all round player the sport has observed since Michael Jordan. He’s lots of techniques for scoring round the opposition, it’s almost frightening. He presently ranks 15th ever round the scorers list. No. 15-3 available are very close together, that reasonably, here is an unpleasant thought, Bryant could exceed these within 3 years. Reasonably, he might also challenge Ever Scoring Leader Kareem Abdul Jabbar when Bryant’s career is finished.

His game is obviously complete. He’s the most effective publish wager on any guard presently inside the NBA, his mid-range shot is probably the best since Jordan’s, and also the extended range game is actually a lot better than Jordan’s (34% career 3pt shooter). His career is really not over, really, he’s still regarded as as with the best.

3: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Career Stats: 38, 387 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 24.6 PPG
FG Percentage: 55.nine percent
Best Season: 34.8 PPG on 57.four percent shooting

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (formerly Lew Alcindor) is presently the best option in general points acquired in NBA history. Part it’s his dominance on that finish, another part is his sturdiness. He carried out effectively for roughly 2 decades. Effectively, not in large decline. Within the twilight years (final 3 years) he still averaged around 14 ppg (17ppg, 14 ppg, 10 ppg).

The primary reason he is not # 1, is really because he wasn’t essentially the most effective scorer, he just made it a lot more than everyone else. The Primary Reason? His legendary Sky Hook. It absolutely was nearly unguardable, and very hard to block. This is exactly why Kareem made it as extended while he did. A great scorer, along with a record great player.

2: Michael Jordan

Career Stats: 32,292 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 30.1 PPG
FG Percentage: 49 percent
Best Season: 37.1 PPG on 48 percent shooting

Hard to believe the best player to ever lace them up isn’t the finest scorer ever. He it had been an amazing scorer though. His number of dunks, lay ups, mid-range shots, publish game, etc, was the best ever observed. He certainly could kill your defense anyway he preferred to. Which he was incredibly efficient for just about any guard He shot 50 plusPercent for most his career.

Really the only true knock on Jordan’s offensive game (no less than earlier within the career) was his 3pt precision. He certainly bettered it his career utilized on. Jordan might possibly not have been the best scorer ever, but he it had been great on that side in the ball.

1: Wilt Chamberlain

Career Stats: 31,419 Total Points Acquired
Per Game Stats: 30.1 PPG
FG Percentage: 54 percent
Best Season: 50.4 PPG on 50.four percent shooting

The Big Dipper was most likely probably the most dominant scorer ever. If he desired to, he may have averaged 40 ppg for his career, in his senior years, made a decision to give consideration with other activities in order win another championship. Nobody occasion to score 50 ppg throughout a whole NBA season again. Chamberlain is, known as probably the most dominant player to ever lace them up.

Wilt might really function as the finest athlete to ever sophistication the hardwood. This person familiar with the flat bench press over 500 pounds, and also the jump was over 48”. All this, combined together with his natural basketball ability, made the best scorer ever. Kudos to Mr. Chamberlain for his offensive skill, we may never see another athlete like him.

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