Popular Top 10 nfl all time players


10. Ryan Benjamin (Buccaneers, Bears), 2001-2004: Are you currently surprised their email list starts having a lengthy snapper? Benjamin reached live the imagine a lot of kids: develop within the Polk Bay region, play college ball at USF, and win an excellent Bowl using the Polk Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs and Bulls share Raymond James Stadium, and that he was the only real former Bull around the only Bucs team to win everything.

9. J.R. Reed (Eagles, Rams), 2004-2008: Bulls fans will invariably recall the hard-striking safety who patrolled the secondary for that Bulls. Football is really a team game, but Reed essentially beat the Memphis Tigers in 2003 simply by themself. He’d a 96-yard kickoff return for any touchdown, a fumble recovery for any touchdown, and three interceptions. His NFL career was cut short with a freakish offseason injuries while climbing fencing.

8. Jacquian Williams (Titans), 2011-present: Williams were built with a very solid season for that Titans like a rookie this year, adding both on defense and special teams. He gained a location about this list to make the important thing play that sent the Titans towards the Super Bowl like a rookie. He removed the ball from 49ers kick returner Kyle Williams late in the overall game that setup the overall game-winning area goal.

7. Bill Gramatica (Cardinals, Whales), 2001-2004: Gramatica designed a 63-yard area goal at USF in 2000. He’s even the all-time leading NFL scorer among former Bulls with 171 NFL points. Regrettably, for him, he may also be appreciated for tearing his ACL throughout his rookie season after honoring a made area goal.

6. Nate Allen (Eagles), 2010-present: Allen reminded Bulls fans of J.R. Reed these were both hard-striking safeties drafted through the Eagles. Allen has over 100 NFL takes up and five interceptions in only his first couple of NFL seasons.

5. Mike Jenkins (Cowboys), 2008-present: Jenkins was USF’s first first-round NFL draft pick once the Cowboys drafted him in 2008. He’s demonstrated his worth, with eight NFL interceptions and almost 150 takes up. At USF, Jenkins would be a lockdown corner, frequently shutting lower the opposition’s best receiver.

4. Jason Pierre-Paul (Titans), 2010-present: Pierre-Paul was just a Bulls player for just one season, joining the Bulls for his junior season in ’09 before proclaiming for that NFL draft. Jason partnered with two-time All-American George Selvie to harass opposing quarterbacks. He’s 21 NFL sacks in the first couple of seasons, one Professional Bowl invite, and something Super Bowl title. He is among the cleverest stars within the NFL today, and that he will definitely ascend their list later on years.

3. Stephen Nicholas (Falcons), 2007-present: Bulls fans will remember Nicholas because the star of the greatest Bulls linebackers squad alongside Ben Moffitt and Patrick St. Louis. As part of the Atlanta Falcons, his play continues to be outstanding. He’s over 250 takes up, five sacks, along with a couple interceptions.

2. Anthony Henry (Browns, Cowboys, Lions), 2001-2009: Henry was clearly the star from the early many years of Bulls football. He was not just a four-year starter but additionally would be a four-year captain. His NFL amounts are extremely impressive: over 500 takes up and 31 interceptions in nine seasons. His best year within the NFL was his rookie season as he selected off 10 passes. He’s also USF’s first football player awarded with a school’s hall of fame.

1. Kawika Mitchell (Chiefs, Titans, Bills, Saints), 2003-2010: Mitchell was dominant like a linebacker for that Bulls. His NFL resume is impressive, with almost 500 takes up, 12 sacks, six forced fumbles, and six interceptions. She got the jerk for that No. 1 position about this list while he would be a key person in the 2007 Titans team that won the Super Bowl.

Popular top nfl all time players1 Popular Top 10 nfl all time players

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