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Bloopers are the moments in sports that relieve the tension in the air, put a smile on our faces making us the reason is that are simply games in the grand plan of products. Embarrassing moments for the sports athletes involved, yes but moments we, and many occasions they, look back and also have a laugh about.

Whenever you play a sport on ice, at high speeds and with a small frozen puck, the possibility of something crazy happening is fairly high.

While hockey gamers provide us with memorable highlights on a nightly basis, they likewise have provided us with some funny lowlights which will remain on the blooper reels for a while.

What 10 plays made our list? Continue reading for out 10 worst hockey bloopers of 2011.

10. Dustin Brown’s water bottle malfunction

You need to love Brown looking at the bottle with a perplexed look after the missed squirt. The Nobleman captain did poke fun at themself later on Tweeting:

“Going to the rink early today need to help the trainers mark all the water bottles with arrows. #funnymomentscaughtincamera”

9. The tests and hardships of Erik Ersberg’s KHL experience

Goaltender Erik Ersberg performed 53 games with the La Nobleman prior to signing with the KHL’s Salavat Yulayev in 2010. In 29 games since, he’s already had three separate occasions that he’d prefer to ignore. One, throughout the KHL Gagarin Cup another in August and also to complete the trifecta, this error that may make Vesa Toskala blush:

8. Swiss defenseman’s great shot beats his own goalkeeper

If the puck choose to go in the other net Sven Berger of the Kloten Flyers in the Swiss League might have had a beauty snipe available on highlight reels for the evening. Rather, Berger’s top-shelf wrister found its well past his own netminder:

7. Score a goal, hug an opponent, get smacked

Henrik Eriksson of Mora IK of the Elitserien in Sweden likes riling up other teams as well as their fanbases. Throughout a previous game against Leksand, in which Mora was victorious, Eriksson elevated all five fingers in the air towards the home crowd signaling his team’s fifth consecutive win over their rivals.

Therefore it came as no real surprise as he obtained a go-ahead goal throughout a 3-2 loss to Leksand in October he made the decision to hug opponent Alen Bibic throughout his celebration, simply to get punched in the mug right after.

6. Ryan Suter’s own goal

Just four minutes before goal that cut Nashville’s result in 5-3, Teemu Selanne’s shot looked over a slider Suter and passed Pekka Rinne. That goal wasn’t badly as Suter exhibiting his hackey sack abilities to create the final 27 seconds a little more tense:

5. Erik Johnson’s muffed clearance ends up in his own internet

“Heck of a shot by Manley there.” You realize it’s bad when the opposing television crew is enhancing your shot on an own goal.

Seven games later Manley was worked to Colorado. Coincidence?

4. Steven Stamkos’ penalty shot fail

Look, we have all lost the puck off our stick at some point heading in on a breakaway, penalty shot or shootout attempt (right, Ilya?), but why is this worse for Stamkos is the slow slide into the end boards, hockey’s form of the “Walk of Shame”:

3. Cal Clutterbuck goes end over end after missed check

The Minnesota Wild forward could be constantly found atop the NHL’s “hits” leaderboard, making this botched attempt on Alex Burrows of the Dallas Stars all the more bewildering:

2. Michael Ryder’s day with the Stanley Cup begins with a dent

As his day with the Cup was set to start, Ryder held a brief send-off party at a St. John’s hotel before hopping on a helicopter for a flight to his home town of Bonavista, Newfoundland. As the Cup sitting on a table beside him, the wind (or a bad table leg) forced the finest trophy in all sports to consider a tumble and pick up a fight wound.

1. Craig Cruz airs out an easy empty-netter

With under a minute and a half to experience as the Potential predators were going to wrap up a victory against the Toronto Walnut Leafs, Cruz snapped up the puck and headed towards the empty cage going to put home his eighth goal of the season. As opposed to just shoot the puck nice easy into the net, Cruz attempted to undoubtedly go top shelf, in the beginning kidding the crowd and spotlight operator, before everybody recognized he’d really handled to place the puck into the stands:

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