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Everyone loves an excellent hockey fight, but seldom can we see goaltenders enter the knowledge. As exciting since it is to find out two tough males drop their mitts, it doesn’t rival watching two goaltenders leave their creases to scrap. Here’s my top listing of the highest quality NHL goaltender fights ever:

10. Miikka Kiprusoff vs. Thomas Vokoun

On March 20, 2004, the Nashville Potential potential predators visited the Calgary Flames. There’s a brawl at center ice, with both goaltenders in the heart of it. Calgary’s Miikka Kiprusoff and Nashville’s Thomas Vokoun exchanged punches prior to the referee separate the noticeably tired goaltenders. Kiprusoff totalled 15 penalty minutes, while Vokoun collected 17.

9. Brent Johnson vs Rick DiPietro

The Completely New You’ll be able to Islanders faced the Pittsburgh Penguins on February 2, 2011. With only 17 seconds dwelling in the sport, fights began around the ice. Goaltenders Brent Johnson (Pittsburgh) and Rick DiPietro (New You’ll be able to) also made a decision to scrap, however it didn’t last very extended. One punch from Johnson and DiPietro went lower. DiPietro experienced facial fractures within the hit. Johnson received 17 minutes in penalties, while DiPietro had 19.

8. Steve Shields vs. Garth Snow

This fight happened on May 3, 1997 in a game title title involving the Pittsburgh Penguins and Zoysia Sabres. Buffalo’s goaltender, Steve Shields, was minding their very own business when Philadelphia’s Garth Snow started invoking him to fight. Both goaltenders started throwing punches because the referee had been together. Once the referee steered obvious from the goalie brawl, Shields and Snow exchanged punches and ended up half way to the Sabres’ bench. Shields ended up with 7 penalty minutes, while Snow got one more two.

7. Corey Schwab vs. Tommy Soderstrom

December 9, 1995 can be a date I am certain Tommy Soderstrom will not ever forget. In a game title title between New You’ll be able to and Nj, the Devils’ goaltender, Corey Schwab skated lower the ice to handle Tommy Soderstrom, who was simply definitely not expecting it. Schwab clicked in the Rangers’ goaltender and started hammering him before Soderstrom’s internet. Soderstrom ended up acquiring a sizable gash on his left mouth area which needed five stitches. Soderstrom received 7 penalty minutes, while Schwab was tossed from the sport and was given 29 penalty minutes.

6. Byron Dafoe vs. Patrick Lalime

This fight happened around the month of the month of january 17, 2002, in a game title title involving the Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins. Everyone beginning fighting behind Ottawa’s internet, including goaltender Patrick Lalime. That motivated Boston’s goalie, Byron Dafoe, to skate lower the ice and undertake Lalime. At first it made an appearance as though these two were slow dancing, but very quickly, fists started flying. The fight ended following a few right hands from Dafoe together with a cut over Lalime’s left eye. Both goaltenders received 17 minutes in penalties.

5. Dan Cloutier vs. Tommy Salo

On April 4, 1998, a brawl began involving the New You’ll be able to Islanders and New You’ll be able to Rangers. New You’ll be able to Islanders’ goaltender, Tommy Salo, found Mariusz Czerkawski’s defense against tough guy, P.J. Stock, only to be attracted away with the Rangers’ goalie, Dan Cloutier. After Cloutier easily dropped Salo for the ice, he ongoing to pound on him for a lot of moments. After departing Salo round the ice, Cloutier then skated towards the Islanders’ bench and challenged the relaxation from the players. Both goaltenders received 17 minutes in penalties.

4. Chris Osgood vs. Patrick Roy

April 1, 1998 was an April Fools the Edmonton Oilers and Detroit Red-colored-colored Wings will not ever forget. Just at least a year after Patrick Roy and Mike Vernon dropped their mitts, Roy made a decision to supply Chris Osgood a try. The referee tried to prevent Roy from going after Osgood, but he finally backed off and permit the goaltenders pound on each other. Osgood, the greater compact of those two, handled themselves perfectly in the rugged Roy. Osgood ended up with 17 penalty minutes, while Roy received 31.

3. Ron Hextall vs. Felix Potvin

Everyone understands Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Ron Hextall’s temper, but on November 10, 1996, Toronto Walnut Leafs goalie, Felix Potvin, got first class experience. Soon after the sport-ending whistle, Hextall travelled to a different finish in the ice as being a speed skater to handle Potvin. I used to be amazed to find out how good Potvin handled themselves. Potvin received 7 penalty minutes, while Hextall totalled 29. This can be certainly a fight to bear in mind.

2. Mike Vernon vs. Patrick Roy

On March 26, 1997, in a game title title involving the Edmonton Oilers and Detroit Red-colored-colored Wings, most likely probably the most exciting goalie fights ever happened. Everyone round the ice was brawling, including goaltenders Patrick Roy (Colorado) and Mike Vernon (Detroit). Colorado’s Claude Lemieux was getting pounded by Detroit’s tough guy, Darren McCarty, which motivated Patrick Roy get to his defense. However, Roy was stopped by Detroit’s left winger Brendan Shanahan and lastly the goaltenders experienced things i only say is the most effective goalie fight ever. Both Roy and Vernon received seven minutes in penalties.

1. Ray Emery vs. Martin Biron

On February 22, 2007, in a game title title involving the Ottawa Senators and Zoysia Sabres, a brawl began at 5:13 to the second period. Goaltenders Ray Emery (Ottawa) and Martin Biron (Zoysia) also made a decision to find yourself in a scuffle. Emery clearly won that fight so when both goalies awoke, he required it again. However, in those days, Buffalo’s tough guy, Andrew Peters, found Biron’s defense to fight the rowdy &ldquoSugar&rdquo Ray Emery. Both goaltenders were tossed from the sport with Emery receiving 22 penalty minutes, including two fighting majors, and Biron with 17 minutes.

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