Popular top 10 nhl hits 2012


Certain gamers perfected the strategy, others produced there own, along with a couple of just fly in the guy however these are our top NHL players of-time (well 11 like always we add our TheSportsBoys honorable mention being an extra number).

10. Adam Foote:
Adam Foote might not have probably the most bone-crushing hits about this list or even the most flat-out collisions, but he did finish all his inspections, striking with huge velocities, knocking people onto benches, put the glass and plain lower. Foote might be the most difficult defender of his era, perhaps the best shot blocker, only one thing’s without a doubt, Adam Foote was a great body checker, and that he knocked probably the many people over from everybody about this list while controlling to remain up throughout after nearly every hit (he perfected his body checking technique, very difficult task, trust me).

9. Chris Pronger:
Chris Pronger might be the greatest hitter of history 5 years, he’s a brutal hitter, Pronger would be a great two-way defender, great checker, and perhaps the grittiest player of all of them (For me it’s between him and Foote).

8. Denis Potvin:
Considered by many people the 2nd best defender behind Bobby Orr, Potvin would loved hitting, did not mind being hit, and is among the finest back-checkers ever (nobody could gain just as much speed back-checking someone).

7. Dion Phaneuf:
Dion is a superb all-around hitter, however it most noted for wrecking competitors together with his huge hits, one factor to think about when considering Dion Phaneuf is much like the Dwight Howard from the NHL, an actual specimen who shuts lower the road to the basket or perhaps in this situation towards the internet, obstructing shots like none other within the league nowadays or perhaps in this situation knocking competitors senseless which appears to become a form frustrated and lost nowadays.

6. Vladimir Konstantinov:
Konstantinov would be a cold blooded killer, He would be a clean but deadly hitter who stuck your body on a lot of the league but would be a dual threat because he had great puck control, good passing, and in addition had been mentored through the excellent Viacheslav Fetisov who’s the finest Soviet defender and perhaps the finest Soviet player ever, also would you want.

5. Cam Neely:
Cam Neely is probably the finest energy forward ever, he developed a style that defined the careers of gamers like Eric Lindros, Jeremy Roenick, John LeClair and Ron Nash, He might also have won a Stanley Cup been with them not been for any knee on knee collision between Neely and Ulf Samuelsson. Also, he stuck your body on opposing gamers whenever you can.

4. Wendel Clarke:
Wendel Clarke possessed among the finest wrist shots ever, (Actually top four ever based on out research and top 50 wrist shots ever) but he may also throw a few of the toughest punches and hand out probably the most punishing hits we view, he learnt like a kid hitting key gamers whenever possible and learnt frustrating all of them with his play stored them from the score sheet easily.

3. Rob Blake:
Rob Blake may be the second greatest striking defense-males of his era (behind Scott Stevens) and also the third best hitter of-time based on the Sports Boys. His trademark was the rear-check, he was a great defense-males in every factor of the overall game, but his back-inspections (that may be mistaken for assault having a weapon) and face-up hits were excellent, and like Foote, he stays up after most hits (another technique perfecter).

2. Eric Lindros:
Eric Lindros, Ironic the the second best hitter had his career changed by a number of hits beginning having a classic hit from the one and only our top hitter Scott Stevens, but to Lindros. Eric Lindros had great technique (less great as Foote, Blake, or Stevens but nonetheless great) he produced energy by overflowing from the decreased stance while attempting to obtain a lower center of gravity, he switched your body look at physics, but the one thing that made his hits so brutal was the truth that he was an magnificent skater inside a six feet four inch 200 thirty thirty pound monster. He was built just like a tank, and would be a guy playing among boys (even just in the NHL), nothing could stop him… Apart from his apparently glass skull and also the fact he skated together with his mind lower too frequently.

1. Scott Stevens:
If this involves striking Scott Stevens may be the G.O.A.T. He DEVASTATED the NHL departing a trail of winded, unconscious, amnesia affected, brain broken NHL gamers as lengthy because the eye often see. There’s really little else to say of Stevens, like Joe Sakic is the owner of the finest wrist shot which is globally known Stevens is the greatest body-checker regardless of whom you request, so just watch the videos and revel in.

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