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MacIntyre dropped Ivanans, that has not performed since because of a concussion. The battle ranks one of the NHL’s most devastating knockouts ever.

Here’s a glance at probably the most decisive fights in NHL history, which led to one player being dropped and not able to carry on consequently of the punch.

10: Evander Kane vs. Matt Cooke

No knockout about this list could be more broadly appreciated by NHL fans than Kane’s finish of Matt Cooke.

Cooke includes a well-deserved status to be an inexpensive player. Several knee-on-knee hits and blatant elbows to opponents’ heads make him among the league’s most despised gamers.

9: Scott Mellanby vs. Jeff Jackson

It’s surprising Jackson survived following the first explosive device Mellanby arrived once the two began tossing. The moment the final punch associated with Jackson’s face, he was out.

8: Rob Ray vs. Jim Kyte

Ray helps make the countdown all over again.

Kyte was obtaining the better of his opponent, but all it required was one punch from Ray to show the battle around.

7: Dan Carcillo vs. Krys Barch

Following a couple of unsuccessful attempts, Carcillo made the decision getting on wasn’t well worth the persistence.

6: Steve MacIntyre vs. Raitis Ivanans

This is actually the knockout talked about within the slideshow’s opening. MacIntyre could draw Ivanans in before the 2 finishing punches.

MacIntyre really held onto Ivanans following the punch to be able to prevent him from falling difficult on the ice.

5: Colton Orr vs. Todd Fedoruk

This is the way to complete your work being an enforcer. Because the announcers will explain, Orr was outfitted to be able to cope with the issue which was Todd Fedoruk.

Immediately of the overall game, Orr designed a statement by what his team wasn’t likely to allow.

4: Matt Johnson vs. Andrew Peters

Give Peters credit for returning up after being stunned, but it is quite obvious he ended after Johnson dropped him to his knees.

The 2nd time, Peters went lower just like a dead tree.

3: Aaron Downey vs. Jesse Boulerice

This broke the jaw of Boulerice.

Seven years later Boulerice would drop Downey inside a preseason fight, getting his revenge.

2: Derek Boogaard vs. Todd Fedoruk

If he’d forethought, I do not think he would have tried it.Inch

Fedoruk needed metallic plate inserted in the face following this fight.

1: Joey Kocur vs. Jim Kyte

Unlike the announcer’s mistakened belief that Kyte hit his mind around the ice, it had been all Kocur’s right hands doing the harm here.

It’s fitting that Joey’s surname starts with K-O because he’s the NHL’s all-time toughest puncher. It’s really no pleasure to be the receiving finish of the Kocur right mix.

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