Popular Top 5 Phoenix Coyotes of All Time 1-5


Here are spots 1-5 of the Top 10 Phoenix Coyotes of All Time:

5. Jeremy Roenick: Yes the article photo is misleading. But my favorite player of all time comes in at number 5. JR came to Phoenix after being traded for Alexei Zhamnov and other assets when the Winnipeg Jets first moved to Phoenix and he was an instant sensation.

His attitude and style of play helped get the Coyotes off the ground in Phoenix and he was the center piece of attention both on the ice and off. He ranks 8th all time in points for the franchise but his impact for the organization during the transition years is what makes him a great Coyote.

4. Keith Tkachuk: He came to Phoenix from Winnipeg and continued his scoring ways. After a 50 goal season in Winnipeg’s last year, Tkachuk scored 52 to break his record and lead the team in goals that year. He ranks 2nd all time in goals with 323 and 3rd in points with 623. Tkachuk was a great player in his days with the Coyotes and was eventually traded to St. Louis. He definitely deserves to be on this list in helping the Coyotes get their faces on the NHL map.

3. Thomas Steen: Spots 2 and 3 were the toughest to decide but Steen falls in at number 3 on this list. He ranks 2nd all time in points with 817 points managing to do this even with an injury plagued career. He was a captain for Winnipeg and is one of the few to have his number retired. He is now a scout for the Phoenix Coyotes.

2. Teppo Numminen: At number 2 comes the best defenseman in the history of the Coyotes and Jets. He has played the most games of anyone in a Jet/Coyote uniform with 1098, 15 years. And despite the fact he was on some very bad teams, Numminen’s defensive play was absolutely stellar, managing to keep a +42 out of all his years. He is 5th on the all time list with 534 points. His number will certainly be retired once he does.

1. Dale Hawerchuk: As my esteemed colleague Ian Froese guessed in a comment on the last article, Dale Hawerchuk is number 1 on the list. He has the most points and goals all time. He scored 100 or more points in all but two of his seasons with Winnipeg, his best coming in the 1984-1985 season when he had 130 points (53 goals, 77 assists).

He was a captain for Winnipeg and is definitely looked at as the trend setter in the franchise’s history. Guys like Peter Mueller, Kyle Turris, Mikkel Boedker, and other young Coyotes should be looking to him as the person they should try to replicate. Although that may change with Shane Doan coming on fast.

It is these 10 guys that make up the best of the best in the history of the Coyotes franchise. They may not all have the tops in points but their impact on the franchise are greater than anyone else who has ever put on the uniform of the Jet or Coyote.

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