Popular top badminton players in the world


Badminton could be a sport based on quickness, speed, strategy, and lightning fast reflexes. Fundamental essentials gamers that numerous embodied these qualities and ascended for that ranks in the finest badminton gamers ever. Differ while using the list? Election by having an existing item you believe must be rated greater or you really are a drenched in, give a new item for many people to election on or make your own type of their list.

1. Lin Serta

since i have encounter his play

he’s the best and wonderful player in world

Dan won MVP or most vluable player’s award at Guangzhou Asian Games 2010. HE won Golds at singles and doubles that face males occasions.

2. Lee Chong Wei

Very good visits Lin Dan.

obtaining a great skill, but… you’ll need a difficult mental… this is actually the reasons you’ll continually be lose to Lin D that your little ‘bodoh’ with your disadvantage… be prepared for olympic 2012, ok?

Very consistent player whose game is nearly perfect.

3. Rudy Hartono

He’s totally king of badminton

the very best player ever, even Lin Dan can’t beat and replace him

Indonesian player who won the All-England Championship 8 occasions

4. Taufik Hidayat

the very best player ever. possess a supreme backhand, nice internet play, great smash, great position and eficiency of his work. nothing can replace him. constantly.

tacknically come in-front and backhand… among the finest player ever.

awesome energy, calm, has strength of mind

5. Morten Frost Hansen

After we see Morten playing, it appears we’re listening the most used music. He’s my ever favorite player.

Danish player who had formerly been rated one of the top three on the planet for 12 years.

6. Zhao Jian Hua

At his best, nobody living today can touch him

I’ve come across plenty of gamers experience youtube, namely, joko suprianto, taufik hidayat, peter gade, lee chong wei, and so forth. Choose and that i have encounter all of their games.

However haven’t seen anything until I saw Zhao Jian Hua. His every shot can be found inside the opponent’s weak space. His style is direct as well as the forehand shots would be the finest ever. When he jumps to smash, his precision, control, speed, energy and most importantly his deceptiveness cause him to incomparably the very best!

7. Peter Gade Christensen

8. Liem Swie King

Invented the jumping smash, known world-wide because the “king smash” with extreme speed and total aerial charge of direction.

9. Misbun Sidek

the very best coach and very high creativeness as being a player

10. Eddy Choong

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