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Sportmentary continues to be reading through numerous “Best Sports Logos” entries lately. I’ve not agreed with them. Among the greatest sports sites (ESPN) has released their version and ranked the Montreal Canadians because the best uniform in sports. They can ranked the Cleveland Indians because the 59th overall uniform. I disagree with this particular assessment. Both uniforms have an F for me.

Why would I give individuals teams logos an F? While they’re classic designs as well as their teams have wealthy history (At least the Canadians do), they’re old-fashioned. I love a contemporary design. I made the decision to produce my personal favorite NHL uniforms. My list is biased but it is one man’s opinion.

#5 Vancouver Canucks – For me personally the colour plan is nice and signifies the Sea embracing town of Vancouver. Things I love may be the logo design. More particularly the Orca (Killer Whale) transposed within the C. The log and uniform colors represent the town well. I believe the uniform in general is a that shows strength. If perhaps the Canucks could represent their logo design along with the logo design signifies the town.

#4 Carolina Severe weather – I love the colour plan. The logo design is alright. Basically critique the log by its individual parts, they do not equal to an excellent logo design but in general, I love it.

#3 Minnesota Wild - OK, the colours might be better however the colors certainly represent Minnesota and also the hunting mad condition. It appears as though everybody is really a hunter within the condition of hockey. The dark eco-friendly color, certainly provides the uniform a wild and rugged look. The same is true the logo design itself.

#2 Phoenix Coyotes – It pains me to state it. I personally don’t like they and hope they proceed to a Canadian city soon however i think the Coyotes possess the the second best uni within the NHL. I really like the logo design from the Coyote. It provides the uni a contemporary look. I really like the howl from the Coyote. Maybe it jogs my memory from the Looney Tunes character, the Wile E. Coyote. I really like Looney Tunes. I really think the Coyotes have just as much luck as Wile E. Coyote.

#1 Winnipeg Jets – Yes, I am a homer and biased. I really like the environment Pressure Jet looking over the Walnut Leaf. The logo design is classy, modern as well as pays homage to Royal Canadian Air Pressure, more particularly, Winnipeg’s 17 Wing.

When the guy whomever authored their email list on that large website is listening, yes several Canadian city may use the Walnut Leaf within their team’s uniform design. You want to do your quest and your idiotic comments to yourself.

That’s it. Quite a biased list and something that places my Winnipeg Jets towards the top of their email list. It can be my method of ventilation. It can be my way to get back in the other list and it is bogus options.

nhl01236 Poular top 5 nhl uniforms

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