Professional golf players association


The mission in the PGA of america is always to promote enjoyment and participation in golf among everybody, additionally to guide for the game’s growth by creating services to golf Professionals as well as the industry. The PGA seeks to get this done mission by enhancing the capabilities in the PGA Professionals and growing playing options for everybody, companies and manufactures. With one of these efforts, The PGA enhances the standards in the PGA Professional’s vocation, enhances the cost-effective well-being in the people PGA member, encourages fascination with the sport of golf and encourages the overall vitality of the sport.

Professional golf players association   Professional golf players association

PGA Professionals
Current day PGA Professionals endure rigorous training, instruction, certification, well as over 800 several hours of education. The PGA professional is not only a gifted teacher and player, but furthermore a professional tournament director, merchandiser, Rules administrator, business proprietor, and community leader.
Being selected to membership inside the PGA, aspirant golf professionals (apprentices) and students must undergo three levels of education courses, written exams, simulation testing, training courses, and pass the PGA Playing Ability Test. These males and girls have careful analysis pursue the PGA Education through self-study, through accredited PGA Golf Management Schools, or by having an faster PGA Golf Management Program.The PGA of BC is certainly an association of experienced and devoted golf pros who promote, play, develop and advance the sport and business of golf for the benefit of its people as well as the people of Bc. Our people train and administer golf while delivering strong leadership in your area through charitable organization occasions and volunteering. Dynamic and savvy, PGA of BC professionals are available at greater than 200 golf facilities – an essential resource to not able to the sport in Canada’s golf capital.
Our Mission
Our mission is always to advance the sport and business of golf for the benefit of our people as well as the people of Bc and
To positively promote enjoyment, participation and improvement in the sport of golf
Our Vision
Our vision is ideal for the PGA of BC logo design and it is individuals to become respected since the premier resource at golf facilities with the province

Game titles
The PGA conducts numerous major occasions like the PGA Championship, Senior PGA Championship, PGA Grand Slam of Golf, as well as the biennial Ryder Cup. The PGA also conducts greater than 30 competitions due to its people and apprentices, like the PGA Professional National Title, PGA Cup, as well as the TaylorMade-adidas Golf PGA Assistant Professional Championship, among others.

Growth and development of the sport
In 2003, The PGA of america created the participant Development Department within the Association inside an attempt to achieve to new, past and sporadic adult golfers. This really is accomplished using the growth, promotion and support of coaching programs and occasions at PGA member facilities that support grownups and families the overall game of golf have fun carrying this out. Incorporated throughout these programs is Play Golf America, began in 2004 using the Allied Associations

PGA Foundation
The PGA Foundation may serve as the PGA of America’s philanthropic arm, since it is a charitable, educational, and research organization that was founded in 1954. The Inspiration distributes funds to golf instruction and community golf programs, research and education, minority golf programs and junior golf competitions and occasions.

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