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Top 6 Most Influential Announcers in NHL History

They usually come to us as little more than disembodied voices, giving us powerful descriptions of the game as it happens far below their perch. We count on them to inform us

Top 9 Ranking the Most Unique Shooting Styles in the NBA

You hear two very important words every time the draft roles around—shooting mechanics. Prospects are judged in essentially every way, and shooting mechanics are as important of a gauge as any. But

The 10 Greatest 1 2 Pitching Combos in MLB History

With the 2012 postseason fast approaching, one can’t help but think about baseball history and how we are on the doorstep of it being made all over again. September is a fine

Popular MLB Playoffs Power Ranking the Contenders in Both Leagues

Forget the New York Yankees, Washington Nationals and Cincinnati Reds, the Atlanta Braves are the top contenders heading into the playoffs. The Braves are likely relegated to the one of the two

Top 5 MLB Teams Terry Francona Could Turn into Instant Contenders in 2013

As the season comes to a close, managerial firings are just around the corner for under-performing teams who were expected to contend this season and are looking to right the ship next

Top 10 Groundbreaking Trades in MLB History

Baseball is a game steeped in history, and the history of the game is littered with groundbreaking moments on the field that are as memorable as they are impactful. The same can

Popular Top 10 Forwards in the 2008 NHL Draft from Red Line

Good read here about the top 10 forwards from Redline: The forward group has some marquee value this year with three of the top offensive talents among Red Line’s top five spots

Top 10 MVP of Each Game in the NFL Week 3

Week 3 of the NFL season is here, and parity is widespread throughout the league. Predicting MVPs of each game makes for some interesting studying of numbers, but if the first two

Top 10 Greatest September Moments in Baseball History

September baseball and the height of the pennant races have given us some of the greatest moments in baseball history. As records fall and teams either secure their spot in the postseason

Top 8 Winner of Each NFL Division in 2012

Now that every NFL team has played at least three games, it’s the perfect time to take what we have seen and project which of them will rise to the top this